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FYI, other stuff we've been hearing from our customers has been like:
  • The control panel is very different from others I've used. Though it may take a bit of getting used to, it runs really fast even on my slow (28k) modem.
  • I like the new control panel with its ajax stuff. Not seen any others like this, and I find it very easy.
  • Email my client sent me bounced - though I was bugged at first I'm glad now; turns out the poor guy's computer had one of those email worms that destroy's your computer... It seems your server detected the virus, and saved me and my client hours of potential data recovery hassles.
  • My customer uses Mobile internet for his email. Currently he cannot use outlook, so he's using the Webmail you provide. It is very fast on his (384k) mobile broadband and he is very happy. He offered to pay me double when we renewed for 2009-2010!
  • The charges are good, but the service is better. I think I'm in love...
  • Just 500 bucks? Are you nuts!? I'll try it free first though I dont know what you can offer for so cheap. [this was a college 3rd year student buying hosting for his college. he later paid in full, and has claimed a 100% satisfaction]
  • You guys should advertise more! I found out about your service through a friend and am astonished at the cost, speed and reliability. I deleted an email by mistake and your support guy was able to restore just that one email in a few minutes time - you really should publicize more; you'll crush the hosting market!
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Clustered Hosting
  • Whitelabel Reseller Hosting
  • 51 Secondary Servers
  • Use 400+ Site Templates
  • ASP, ASP.NET v3.5, PHP 5
  • MySQL 5, SQL 2005
  • Instant Hosting Free Trial
  • Discounted Domains
  • 50 PLR Rights Packages
  • 5 Special Edition Videos
  • Unlimited SES, SEO
  • Advertising System
  • Free Landing Pages
  • Free Colour Stylist
  • Free SMS Gateway
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