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Indelible IT Solutions - The journey of an Entrepreneur

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So to start with explaining the Journey of my Life as an Entrepreneur I was into Engineering (Information Technology) in Pune University and completed it in 2011.

After completing my Engineering as I was not placed in any company during the campus Interview. So had to join a Course in .net and php for 6months so while doing that itself I got placed into a small start up as a Junior Software developer. So working there for almost 1.6 Yrs. I was promoted from Jr. Software developer to Sr. Software Developer. Later on after working as a developer I changed my firm and got placed into a firm as a Project Manager, there I was managing a Team size of about 25 developers, designers, tester and analyst. The work culture was domestic as well as International. Due to Salary issues in the company I had to switch the company.

So Later on I worked in various companies as a project manager and gained almost 6 Yrs. Of experience in the field of Software development. So while doing this I meet with a friend of mine who had started with his own development company and wanted me to make sure that it is smooth running. So while managing my work I was visiting his office to see his functioning and tried to help in all possible ways but after discussing with his partner who was going to take whole and sole implementation of the firm I came to know that with his goal and vision it’s very difficult to survive in this industry and I conveyed the same to my friend who was the whole and sole Investor as well as the Sleeping partner of that company. And within a Month the company had demolished.

So after looking into it I had a discussion with him and provided him with a solution that why not we 3 could start with something of our own in which you be the sleeping partner and let me utilize my industrial experience. So finally on 1st Feb 2017 I decided of leaving my in hand job of 60k per month and fully investing my time into developing Indelible It Solutions. So in this journey I also tied up with my college as a Consultant partner for Project Help.

So in a period of Year we have developed various websites in different domains along with multiple software applications for various service industries. Also working on few Mobile applications as well.

Apart from this I am very closely attached to a community based organization in which we are trying to help new Entrepreneur to grow into the business also to create leads in the form of customer base for ever entrepreneur. Taking various Seminars in college on various topics. Working as a Core Member in Young Buddhist Tycoons for developing small Entrepreneurs.

Following are few Links

  1. Company Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/indelibleItSolutions/
  2. Personal LinkedIn Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashish-dhandar-02572b56/


Product / Service lines:

We provide mobile application development services for clients across multiple industries. Our mobile development helps organization to build extensible, scalable and robust business applications that can drive business agility and innovation.

We develop and customize an e-Commerce platform according to your business requirements with the purpose to reduce its operational costs as well as eliminate odds of managing software / hardware, with increased proficiencies.

We provide reliable, affordable, as well as speedy software development solutions for our aim to create a positive impact on people's lives and organization worldwide. Think of us when think of a software development clean coded and unique.

We offer robust and customized ERP solutions required to run organizations. Our fully integrated ERP solutions support and automate your enterprises as well as business processes to deliver value to different functional areas.


Our CRM software ensures visibility and activity based sales philosophy to make your sales team focus on driving actions to close the deals. It offers helpful features like reminders, balances and checks to facilitate you save your deals.

Payroll Management
Our payroll software fits in the relevant needs of small to big organisations and includes overall capability to offer multiple pay roles, pay heads, cadre / grade based rules, flexible format inputs special allowances, overtime calculations with more.

Edu Smart
This school management software is highly customised, scalable, and user friendly to meet the generic requirements of schools and collages. It aims at providing instant visibility to overall school operations with its easy to access web presence.

Our multi level marketing software is useful for MLM business and provides effective direct selling solutions for MLM based businesses with a secure way for easy tracking of sponsors, members, sales reports, revenue, as well as analytical presentation.