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What is Wherrelz

The essence of Wherrelz pretty much outlines what we strive to be. But what is it really?

When I started out in 2005, Wherrelz was my vision of this one-man-army providing world class services to world class clients. Then it evolved into something like a small team - you know, a small 4-5 person team focused at selling great services. After that I was dreaming big and thinking of becoming the next Infosys / TCS... Until I realized that all these giants we see today are formed around the flawed premise. A faulty desire to "use" the customer for one's own selfish ends... But that was not for me, and was certainly not the right path for Wherrelz.

Today's Wherrelz (circa 2015) is very different. We are a product organization - building world class products (1) for ourselves, and (2) for our clients. Our best clients are NGOs, Startups, Councils, Institutes that focus on building a richer, better and more prosperous world.

We no longer concern ourselves with the marketing & upselling & other cheap methods used by today's IT consulting companies to get projects and hold the customer hostage. We have moved to a level where we build good, stable, solid products that genuinely bring delight to our customers, and to their customers in turn.

When I hire people, I hire them for life - but I know that growth and learning are such compelling factors that without them sooner or later good people will always leave. That's why I've focused on making Wherrelz a culture of Growth and Learning... We are not a school that will teach you how to; instead think of it as a concentrated form of life's lessons provided to you on a silver platter. Everyone learns how to learn and how to teach here; and they also learn how they can add the best value to the customer.

If you're reading this, maybe this philosophy of mine has had some impact after all; and I hope it help you!

Best Regards,
Chaitanya Dhareshwar.
Director, Wherrelz Corporation

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