Innovative way to fix Whatsapp’s issues

I’ve been using Whatsapp since 2013 – and honestly I’m sick of the number of times I get the same forwards.

– School/college friends sending the same posts
– Workmates forwarding repeats
– Educational groups sending in the same stuff

Can’t blame them… But I can be better with my posts right!!

I wanted to fix when I can’t keep track of the messages I received and decided I wanted a permanent archive. So I made this app.

Whatsapp Dump
Whatsapp Dump

– I’m keeping only decent, top-notch posts
– Highly inspirational stuff, loving, sometimes so nice its tearful
– Attitude posts
– Jokes; GOOD ones not the racist types
– Admittedly some of them may have Hindi; but that would balance out since I’m adding a huuuge number of English-only

Other stuff I’m adding into it (in process)
– Reminders to inspire you from time to time through the day
– A record of WHEN YOU LAST SHARED – so YOU will never duplicate your shares if you use the app
– Ability to store a “private dump” – where you can catalogue your whatsapp posts, manage them and retrieve them later

Do help me test it guys!! And your feedback & recommendations are most, most welcome!!