Electronic Medical Records management and Clinic Management tools


Dr Sood’s Glaucoma Clinic – CRM, EMR, Clinic Management


Glaucoma Clinic was founded by the renowned glaucoma specialist Dr. N. N. Sood, Delhi, India. Currently run by Dr Devindra Sood, the clinic team work with glaucoma patients to help manage the complex ocular disease Glaucoma. However with the increasing popularity of the clinic and increase in modern treatments and solutions it was difficult for the team to track work done offline – using pen and paper or other conventional means. The Glaucoma Clinic team approached Wherrelz IT Solutions Pvt Ltd in December 2014.


The real challenge was to develop a CRM, Electronic Medical Record and Clinic Management software quick and efficient enough to cater to the specific requirements of this high traffic treatment centre.


Wherrelz IT Solutions Pvt Ltd used the latest technologies in data storage, analytics and reporting to create patient tracking, big data analysis (across patient Electronic Medical Records) and powerful reporting layers.


This solution is currently in use by Glaucoma Clinic and the team find it most efficient and effective.