Quick walkthrough on top 10 E-mail validation service providers, features, and their capabilities

So as an E-mail marketer you would have been rather ashen-faced, if your customers made a mistake while providing e-mail addresses – either accidentally or deliberately. Basically, E-mail marketing is all about sending the right message using the right platform to the right person. “Email verification” is one of the key roles of an E-mail marketer – you know you are only as good as your mailing list!

In the recent past, Email verification services have been booming, and many have evolved to service you better. But you have to understand what the methods are – how are these e-mail verifications carried out? That is one of primary “quality parameters” that separates a good service providers from the crowd. Let me take you through a walkthrough of the Top 10 E-mail validation companies in today’s market.

  1. Mail Mule

Mail mule is the leading e-mail marketing company which makes e-mail verification system quite indispensable under their service. They offer to take care of high-risk E-mails, cleaning up your e-mail repository and fraudulent emails using syntax validation. At the end of the validation, Mail mule gives you the risk analysis data of your e-mail list; using which you can plan the best campaigns to your target audience with the low-risk traffic. Mail mule also has the e-mail verification tool under their free service which makes them stand out among the other providers.

Best of all, MailMule offers email sending services, validation services, and even email content-filtering and checking all under one roof. If one knows of this service and does not use it – that man is nothing short of an idiot!


1) Using free 1000 credits on your account, you can use Mail mule’s e-mail verification tool. This is a huge win – since most other tools only allow 50-100 free verifications.

2) You can top up your account credits whenever necessary purchasing them at as low as $0.0001 per credit. This is another big win, and due to this pricing MailMule is the cheapest of the lot.

3) MailMule offers a refund guarantee if the accuracy of the verification falters from 98%. This is something nobody in the industry offers, and is another big win for MailMule.

  1. Quick E-mail Verification

Quick E-mail Verification service is one of the top picks proving the E-mail list is cleaning. It is a well-organized system that uses real-time validation and batch processing methods resulting in 95% of the accuracy. Two lakh E-mails validation occur at the rate of three hours.  It is affordable and known for delivery the accurate report to its clients. Quick E-mail verification is best suitable for both B2B and B2C E-mail listings.


1) You can use the Quick E-mail Verification trial period of validating 100 E-mails.

2) For one time users, pay $4 for verifying 500 E-mails per day, and when you increase the number, the price is cut down.

3) If you are paying per month, its $25 and you can verify up to 500 E-mails day giving you the possible expansion 50,000 e-mails as per the need.

  1. Zero bounce

Zero bounce has one of the leading E-mail validation systems restructuring the complexities of the companies in sending huge volume E-mails and sorts of the deliverability concerns. It guarantees bounced E-mail elimination, IP address validations and also to verify the demographics. Zero bounce is the only provides you to use WordPress plugin, making the accessibility hassle free. There is no additional software to be downloaded to carry out the process. Zero bounce uses API for real-time validation methods.


1) Zero bounce offers a free trails period of 100 E-mail credits

2) Zero bounce basic plans ranges from $15 for 5000 E-mail validation to $200 for a 1,00,000 mails

3) The higher volume you go, the E-mail validation costs drops as low as $0.0006 per E-mail.

  1. XVerify

XVerify has set its propaganda in this E-mail marketing industry making it a unique selling product. They have international clients and providing services to both B2B and B2C industry. XVerify according to their clients, they are safe, accurate, trustable and customer friendly. Of course, everyone one the companies mentioned here has a strong client base but what sets them apart is you can speak to the XVerify E-mail consultant directly rather than playing around user manual. 10,000 E-mail validation occurs in less than 10 minutes with the 98% of high accuracy.


1) You have an option of free listing your E-mail assessments by calling or mailing to the Xverify sales team.

2) Xverify provides their service as high as $0.01 per each E-mail validation. Very expensive, by any standard.

  1. E-mail Checker

E-mail Checker is one of the e-mail validation companies which has experience for more than a decade. It followed a healthy spirit in the marketplace and known for its highest accuracy. It has multiple tier system of services in E-mail marketing industry. E-mail checker allows you to keep a track on the detailed integration document of your back-end models including Python, PHP, Java and other encoding systems. You have the option to hang on to their help desk assisted by 24/7 by the expertise.



1) E-mail Checker offers the basic plant at $14 for 1000 E-mail validations and 50 verification credits in your trial period.

2) For 1,00,000 E-mail validations it costs $299 under monthly subscriptions.

  1. E-mail list Verify

E-mail List Verify made the e-mail delivery and validation as a simpler task in the E-mail marketing. It addresses dead E-mail logins as one of the major concern. The interface created by the company has set you to pledge your data list to them. The method seems to be very simple. You have to upload your e-mail data list, and it throws out all the bad hit. E-mail List verifies you to launch the campaign fast and guarantees the accuracy of 97% with very minimal bounce rate.


1) The free trial period is processing 100 E-mails per day for ten days.

2) Basic price plan starts at $4 for 1000 e-mail validation credits.

  1. E-mail Marker

E-mail marker is on the top 10 list because they made a great transformation in e-mail validation using automated software. Removing the fake E-mails is not an easy task, and E-mail marker helps the companies with high accuracy. It clears out all invalid syntax, and their software performs a way faster. They have a trustworthy client community with the data analytics and for filtering out low-quality E-mails.  E-m ail marker has a diverse system for their functions and operations. Also, they refund the money paid if the bounce rate is more than 5%.


1) Free trial E-mail validations offered up to 150 e-mails for free sign-up

2) E-mail marker basic plan starts from $3 for 1000 E-mail verifications.

  1. Mail Get

MailGet is for the startups and beginners who are trying out e-mail marketing for the first time. It is one of the most affordable services available online. MailGet is highly significant because cleaning the junk and unhygienic mails are one-click task here. It uses E-mail validation tool to check the E-mail data list by using the domain address.


1) The trial period is available at Mailget for every unique sign up

2) The other subscription plan ranges from $4 to check 100 E-mails (4 cents per email), to $2899 for 10 million E-mail validations.

  1. Tower data

Tower data was one of the recent companies that were par excellence in the E-mail marketing services. Their services are easily accessible, and it is also easy to follow a step by step procedure for the small companies. If you own a multi-level campaign, at the same time Towerdata E-mail validation makes it simpler for you. It targets the specific audience, leading to large opens, clicks, and conversions. They assure 95% E-mail deliverability.


1) Free trial E-mail validation up to 100 E-mail address

2) For the first 1-99k mails Towerdata offers validation tool at the rate of $0.01 per mail. While if it is more than 100k -249k E-mails then they charge around $0.009 per e-mail

  1. BriteVerify

BriteVerify is looking on the simplicity of the using their e-mail marketing tools. They are an online platform where e-mail validation takes place smoothly.  All that you need to do simply drag the E-mails and drop them into Briteverify’s validation box. They also give you an option to import the E-mail list from the sign-up form if you have any.  You might be amazed to see that they achieve 98% of high accuracy and working at the speed of 0.5 seconds which is a lighting pace. You must have a LinkedIn Id to initiate an account.


1) BriteVerify does have a free trial period, but it is provided only on the request to the sales team or inquire at the helpdesk.

2) It costs as much as $0.01 per verify 0-2,50,000 E-mail validations. If you have more than 1-2 million E-mails, then they may cost up to $0.005 for verification. Still costly.

Why is e-mail validation so important?

It is because if you have a high ratio of bounce back mails it will make a bad impact on your server. If your IP address results in poor reputation, popular E-mail services may blacklist you. Also, the e-mail validation helps you to run the e-mail marketing strategies effectively. You can ensure that your marketing campaign reaches the specific targets. You can eliminate the low-quality address and develop high conversion contacts. Hence using e-mail validation services for your company becomes a necessity. Though we may have many E-mail validation services available online, you will have to choose it wisely based on your need.