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On National STEM Day theres still a lot of work to do for women

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It's National STEM day, and that means yet another reminder that women are underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and math. 

As educators mark their field's national holiday, LinkedIn isn't letting us forget one of the core problems facing STEM students and professionals. 

The jobs site looked at gender representation across college degrees and across software and IT, healthcare, and finance—all STEM-heavy fields. 

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"In honor of National STEM Day, we looked at how women around the globe are faring in STEM-heavy industries—software and IT, healthcare, and finance. This included looking over the past 10 years on what women studied in university to ultimately land them in their respective careers," LinkedIn wrote in a blog post. "What we found was that the gap starts early. While women are pursuing degrees relevant to STEM fields, they are severely underrepresented amongst graduates with technical degrees, and there is a high demand for more women in STEM fields."  Read more...

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