Custom & 'End to End' Product Building Just For You.

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Products produce a single revenue stream. Platforms on the other hand - which are 'intermediaries' that connect two or more distinct groups of users and enable their direct interaction - can generate many, many more. Most of the world's valuable companies are platform companies. Although some of those companies started with platforms, many started with products and then made a "transition" to a platform approach.

Wherrelz focused on helping you build Products and Platforms - instead of simply providing services. The usual service approach results in a significant negative burden to the client in question - specially when maintenance contracts and minor additions are charged at hefty rates.

Our objective is to remain transparent and focus on our customers' - your - well being and success. We believe that bringing you success brings us greater success! Hence we help create you products and platforms. We can support you while you're building your first revenue stream, and as you evolve through the process of becoming a platform we will help you multiply those revenue streams.