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The 3E Mantra Of Innolabz: Employability Entrepreneurship Exploration

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Living in the revolutionary times of entrepreneurs and legendary start-ups, it's often difficult to find quality in it. How do you ensure that you're in good hands, then? After all, knowledge and skills are acquired through time and experience but not in theory. Today, at The Startup Journal, it looks like Inno-Labz in Noida has finally found an answer to that!

What is Inno-Labz?

Based upon the idea of developing employability by empowering innovation, Inno-Labz carefully paves the path for the young minds by adding value to their skills, and the essential tools required transforming them from young graduates to young professionals. Innolabz Ventures Pvt. Ltd. also believes in starting early for kids to dream right, from the tender times of schooling.

When it comes to creative ideas and resulting start-ups, Inno-Labz makes the call for offering the prerequisites   as and when it is needed to these '˜Future Entrepreneurs', standing true to its value of innovation first.

How does Inno-Labz works?

A Bootstrapped organisation, that bridges employability and employment at the grass-root level, by encouraging innovation. According to Forbes, 90% of startups in India fail because of the lack of innovation and that's where Inno-Labz comes in! With incubation support to the entrepreneurs to spot the mistakes and eliminate them gradually, startups land once again on their feet before flying high!

What are the programs Inno-Labz provide?

Power2Career: A generic employability development program in which they integrate with colleges and offer industry specific insights so as to facilitate the placements and ensure the candidates are employable by the time they graduate.

Power2Idea: An initiative taken to harness the potential of wannabe-entrepreneurs by offering incubation and mentoring support to them.

Power2Dream is a school integration program which focuses on the learning paths seldom opted in the mad rat race of acquiring good grades.

Inno-Labz also has several specialized courses like Data Science, Digital Marketing and GST.

How Did Inno-Labz Come About?

Meet the Founder of Inno-labz- Mr. Saurabh Chaturvedi

It all started when software engineer by profession and entrepreneur at heart, with a charming personality; Mr. Saurabh Chaturvedi having worked with Jindal and OYO rooms realized the void between the out-dated syllabi and the constantly updated industry and took the call to replace it with finesse. Along with Ms. Malvica Saxena, the co-founder of Inno-Labz, Mr. Saurabh delved deeper into finding the loopholes in our archaic educational system and designing the essential programs that would seal all gaps with learning and practical knowledge. So, Inno-Labz was born on January 5th, 2017.

'œI don't work with plan B, so what I am doing is what exactly I wanted to do.', says Mr. Saurabh to Team The Startup Journal regarding Inno-Labz.