writes copy 24 Mar 2020

10 things to watch while social distancing that aren8217t comforting at all

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There are comfort-watches aplenty to wrap around yourself like a Slanket in this time of social distancing. Throw on your favourite SchurVerse sitcom for an entire weekend, keep it wholesome with every PG rom com you can find, or finally watch The Good Wife or The West Wing, which technically counts as a fantasy series these days. Or go to the other end of the spectrum, and opt for gory catharsis and controlled tension with a horror film.

But at some point, you may find yourself sick of comfort, yet also too tense to watch the news. Perhaps it's starting to feel weird to disappear into cosy or fantastical worlds when outside feels like a movie you can't turn off. Or maybe you perversely want to pick at your barely suppressed existential panic like a scab. It's OK! There's honestly no right way to react to all this! (As long as you stay inside, wash your hands, and take care of your mental health as best you can.) Read more...

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