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11 electric SUVs coming for the Tesla Model Y

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Tesla's Model Y is currently the hot electric compact SUV. But Ford, Nissan, Mercedes, and other automotive giants are coming for the crossover crown. The latest challenger: Cadillac's first electric vehicle, the Lyriq.

The Tesla Model Y is unveiled at Tesla's design studio, in Hawthorne, Calif.

Image: Jae C Hong/AP/Shutterstock

The Model Y is basically the SUV version of Tesla's "budget" Model 3 and is already super popular. It's about $50,000, which is roughly the average price of a non-electric small, luxury SUV. 

In a recent Piplsay poll of more than 30,400 adults, almost a third of them said their next car will be an SUV. So it's no surprise that electric crossovers are popping up everywhere. Here is a list of Model Y competitors coming in the next two years.  Read more...

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