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12 excellent podcasts with black hosts for pop culture politics or history fans

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Podcasting has been a double-edged sword for marginalized voices. On one hand, "anyone can start a podcast," as a medium with relatively low barriers of entry. But to no one's shock, podcasting has also not been the egalitarian haven that premise promises. It's a loss for everyone who loves the medium — not only because we're missing out on powerful stories but because there's evidence of podcasting as a potentially impactful tool for anti-racism.

For a long time, podcasting was seen as a white dude thing. In a 2015 sampling of podcasts, it was found that only 18 percent had non-white hosts while the number of non-white female hosts was even more abysmally low. This only perpetuated podcasting's chicken-and-egg problem, with people excusing the lack of diverse voices by pointing to how listener demographics similarly lacked diversity. Read more...

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