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12 new and refurbished devices on sale from Microsoft HP and Lenovo

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Whether you've had an accidental drop, your memory is over capacity, or your battery has straight up had it, your computer probably needs to be replaced. And chances are, you're not willing to pay the exorbitant price tags that new devices carry. 

We don't blame you. 

That's why we've found 12 new and certified-refurbished tablets and computers on sale from Microsoft, HP, Samsung, and Lenovo for your consideration.


Image: Microsoft

We're dubbing the Microsoft Surface line of products the official companions of self-isolation. Why? Because they're so versatile. The Pro can function in three different modes: as a regular tablet, as a laptop with a keyboard and mouse, and as a hands-free device with a kickstand. It runs on Windows 10 and is constantly topping lists as the best PC tablet. The Surface Laptop has its perks as well, like a fully-functioning touch-screen, extra-long battery life, and minimalist design. Both have pretty steep price tags when you buy brand new, but we've got deals on deals on deals. Read more...

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