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15 Indian startups working in AI IoT and EV space showcased to Helsinki Business Hub and startup leaders

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The year 2019 witnessed more deep-tech startups and trends, and some compelling takeaways as well. These were especially highlighted during events led by innovation, beginning with the Mobile India conference, and towards the latter half of the year, via marquee technology and startup conferences such as TechSparks, Nasscom Product Conclave, IoT India Congress, IoTNext, and Amazon AI Conclave. All these brought together deep-tech companies and learnings across Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial challenges.

Besides the above flagship conferences, the latest in SpaceTech, Electric Vehicles (EVs) and transnational events like StartupScaler, where senior business advisors from the Helsinki Business Hub, Business Finland’s Country Manager, and India’s startup ecosystem leaders shared their insights on how startups could scale globally, with the right people.

Here’s a look at the 15 startups, which presented to an expert jury panel comprising of investors, seasoned entrepreneurs, and ecosystem leaders.

Irillic.nm - Surgical navigation medical device

Irillic.nm is a state-of-the-art fluorescence imaging system primarily used by surgeons to visualise lymph nodes, lymph channels, and organ perfusion. The real-time visualisations equip surgeons to make quick decisions during procedures, and increases treatment accuracy, reducing corrective surgeries and overall treatment costs.

Dblue.ai - Machine Learning lifecycle management

Dblue.ai provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for companies that focus on building Machine Learning and deep learning models. The company helps provide seamless collaboration and other necessary infrastructure for the control of public and private datasets.

Vidphon - Smart video communications solution

The startup allows one to connect and engage with customers, and collaborate with colleagues easily through high quality video calls. The one-click video platform can help startups and enterprises improve sales, productivity and customer experience.

NIRAM LanKeys - Multi-Language Keys

They are a patented concept for LanKeys product that works as a multi-purpose Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool. Some of its use-cases include Speech and Hearing feature for the ‘Deaf and Dumb’, Typing feature for the Blind with audio feature, transliteration feature for singers and people who deal with different languages and more.

Fibotalk - Unified product analytics and user engagement platform

The solution tracks critical events, product usage, and feature adoption by engaging users with in-app messaging, live chat, and more to drive product success and retain users. They remove coding needed from analytics.

CancerMoonshot - AI answer for better cancer care

The software helps Oncologists to target cancer precisely. It enables better cancer diagnosis and treatment as well as prognosis by Radiomics and cancer prediction by Radio Genomics.

Eye-D Smartglass - Make any campus or workplace smart using AI and AR

The smart glasses include a camera to provide 130 degree-wide view to detect moving entities, touch sensors to easily switch between modes and control features, and Bone Conduction technology that enables one to hear while keeping the ears free.

Finvisage - transforming treasuries

It is an enterprise SaaS solution for corporate finance teams to manage forecasts, budgeting, forex / commodity risks, and in order to enable better decision-making and driving profitability.

Minion – world’s smallest energy auditor

The startup helps businesses reduce their electricity costs by providing real-time device-level electricity consumption insights using the latest in the Internet of Things.

AgroBlock - evidential traceability as a service

With the company’s framework, one can deploy a managed traceability solution for their food and agro products. AgroBlock is a combination of IoT automation and private blockchain, which provides transparency and digitises the food supply chain.

OMegha™ Public Cloud - enterprise agility in cloud

It is a cloud platform which empowers legacy data-centers by making them part of global scalable multi-region cloud computing ecosystem. It offers infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and software as a service.

Vitor - affordable, understandable, and actionable health

The personalised health assistance platform supports businesses to proactively address workforce health-rocks, enabling the not-so-sick audience to function productively, and empowering individuals to appreciate and take charge of their health.

Wagr - GPS and fitness tracker for dogs

The device helps one track the location of their pets as well as works as a fitness tracker for them. From real-time tracking, safe zone alerts and tracks across India, the app offers a whole lot of features for pet owners.

Autolligent Technologies - workplace automation

From providing paperless bills, visitors management, tracking delivery routes and expenses, to field activity tracker, services and work order management, the solution includes augmented, virtual, and mixed reality.

Ostrich Mobility - electric wheelchairs

Designed and made in India, Ostrich Mobility’s electric wheelchairs are suitable for any road condition, with suspension technology to provide comfort and safety for the users as well. The patented technology offers freedom of mobility, gives greater maneuverability and added confidence to the user.

These electric wheelchairs were the crowd favourite, but the jury winner was the IoT startup ‘Minion - The world’s smallest energy auditor’.

Crowd Favourite: Ostrich Mobility Electric Wheelchairs

Jury Winner: Minion - The world's smallest energy auditor

Having spent a few years in the Nordics, I can vouch for the region being a leader in industry and academia partnerships, offering top-notch research and development facilities and willingness to co-create products. Another takeaway from the region is, by having a scientific temperament, collaborative instinct, problem-solving mindset and ensuring law-abiding citizenry, one can go a long way in improving the quality of lives.

(Edited by Megha Reddy)

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