writes copy 22 Mar 2020

20 cheap expertled online courses you can take while social distancing

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Bored out of your mind? You're not the only one. With mounting precautions regarding COVID-19, people across the world have been stuck at home in the name of social distancing

At first, you may have welcomed the idea of a quarantine with open arms. For starters, how bad can it be to stay home and watch Netflix in bed? After some time, however, you may find yourself going a bit stir crazy, unsure how to fill all this newfound free time.

If you are looking for a productive way to use your time in quarantine, then you should make the commitment to learning a brand new skill. Perhaps there is a language you have always sought to become fluent in but never had the time, or maybe there's a certification that you have wanted to earn in order to boost your resume.  Read more...

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