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2017 Holiday Tech Gift Guide: Games gadgets and more top picks from our Geared Up podcast

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The Nintendo Switch was the console of the year, both by sales and in the eyes of Geared Up co-host Andru Edwards. (Photo by Andru Edwards)

It’s that time of the year. Thanksgiving is officially over, fall is giving way to winter and, like it or not, it’s time to hit the stores '” physical or virtual '” for holiday gifts.

That means it’s also time for our holiday gift guide, from our Geared Up podcast and live video show. It’s your inside look at some of the best gadgets, games and other tech gifts of the season. We’ll also give you some tips on how to get the best bang for your buck on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and beyond.

This gift guide is an annual tradition, dating back to when Geared Up co-host Andru Edwards started appearing as a regular guest on our long-running GeekWire Podcast, rounding up his recommended tech gifts each year. Those appearances ultimately led us to partner with Andru on the standalone Geared Up show.

Our first tip this year isn’t a gift: it’s a service that Andru recommends to help get the lowest prices during holiday sales. The service is called Earny and it automatically monitors a user’s purchases and files for refunds if an item they purchased goes on sale within 90 days, or if it finds the same item for less at another retailer.

That means users could shop for all their holiday gifts before a big sale, like those on Cyber Monday, and automatically get refunded the difference between what they paid and the item’s sale price. Andru said he got almost $120 in refunds the first day he signed up for the service.

There is a catch  '” Earny keeps 25 percent of the refund it finds.

Listen to the full episode above and subscribe to Geared Up in  Apple Podcasts,  Google Play  or your favorite podcast app. Keep reading for a rundown of our recommendations and links to all the products.


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The next generation Amazon Echo and the Echo Plus, which is equipped with a built-in smart home hub. (GeekWire Photo / Todd Bishop)