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3 days left to save: Beat the deadline get your pass to TechCrunch Disrupt now

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Do you have your mind set on attending TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, California, on October 18'“20? Excellent, we can't wait to see you there. If you've put off registering, however, it's time to change that mindset '” and pronto.

Why? Prices increase on Friday, June 3 at 11:59 p.m. (PT). We're talking on the dot, people. Don't procrastinate '” buy your pass before the deadline strikes, and you'll save up to $1,500. Bonus: Your pass includes access to the TC Disrupt online event on October 21.

TC Disrupt always keeps its figurative fingers on the pulse of the early-stage startup ecosystem. It's where you'll find tomorrow's unicorns today; hear from trendsetters, rising stars and iconic successes; and learn from the leading experts across the entire startup spectrum.

We're still months away from kicking off the first in-person Disrupt since, well, the Before Times, and the agenda is a dynamic work in progress. However, we can share a few of the incredible presenters and the topics they'll tackle on the TechCrunch+ stage (or, with apologies to Prince, the stage formerly known as the Extra Crunch stage).

We start with one topic '” How to Raise First Dollars in a More Difficult Market '” and look at it from two sides.  

  • The Venture Perspective '” with Annie Case (Kleiner Perkins) and Sheel Mohnot (Better Tomorrow Ventures): The venture market has changed this year, and startup founders looking to raise their first capital can't follow last year's playbook and expect results. What do founders need to know, and how can they snag investor attention in a market where the rules are changing? We know and trust these VCs to share the real nuts and bolts of early fundraising in 2022.
  • The Founder Perspective '” with Amanda DoAmaral (Fiveable), Sara Du (Alloy Automation) and Arman Hezarkhani (Parthean): It's always good to hear from VCs when it comes to money, but it's just as important to know how founders navigate the capital market. These three founders will talk us through what worked for them and how they've updated their perspective in light of the changing economy.

And also this hot session:

  • What Does Product-Market Fit Mean When Hype Tanks '” with Pali Bhat (Reddit) and more: We're still finalizing this panel, but Pali Bhat is coming to Disrupt to help founders hone their definitions of product-market fit (PMF). This tricky concept is not easily defined for all startups at once. But one thing that happens when market sentiment takes a dive is that definitions tighten. How should founders measure PMF in a more difficult market, from both a fundraising and a customer perspective? We'll find out.

We'll have many, many more speakers, topics, events and discounts to announce in the run-up to Disrupt. Want to stay informed? Sign up for updates on the Disrupt website.  

TechCrunch Disrupt takes place in person from October 18 to 20 in San Francisco, California, with an online event on October 21. You can save up to $1,500 '” but only if you buy your pass before prices go up this Friday, June 3 at 11:59 p.m. (PT). We can't wait to see you in October!

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