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3 Good Examples of a SaaS Startup

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Don't start getting concerned by the lingo that's known as 'œSaaS'. It's better known as Software as a Service, essentially consisting of the ability to connect to and use cloud-based apps over the Internet. They can be for small services, or something much bigger, depending on the social angle. But the real question is '“ what can a SaaS startup do for users out there? It turns out, quite a bit.

That's because there are dozens of startups nowadays that are working on social and other cloud-based apps where the users interact with software. Be it for calendar purposes, messaging a friend, or even using a basic office tool, there's a lot to do with it. Microsoft's Azure software is easily one of the best SaaS examples out there, though there are far more to choose from.

But the focus here is on SaaS startups, and the key examples you should follow if you want to create your own. Here now are three SaaS companies that are worth keeping your eye on as 2023 begins to roll in.

ProtoVPN, the Protective Startup

Are you familiar with VPN, or Virtual Private Network? It's essentially a protective service that allows you to surf the Internet with the best kind of security. That means blocking intrusive ads, doing away with unwanted junk, and boosting overall speed. With that, ProtoVPN has easily stepped up as one of the best VPNs in the business.

First getting its start overseas in Geneva, Switzerland way back in 2016, ProtoVPN's growth can't be stopped. It's currently sitting at an immense amount of consumers from across the globe, recently adding the likes of Vietnam and Nigeria to its ranks, along with several others. It, in turn, uses the money to better establish its networks for faster speed and even more improved protection.

That's how you get a good SaaS startup going '“ find a service where you can do well for consumers and keep expanding. It wouldn't surprise us if ProtoVPN continued its success streak into 2023, considering its immense growth and high-quality service. If protective Internet is your game, this is one SaaS startup to have on your team.

Printify, the Creative Startup

Remember the good ol' 80s when you were able to use the classic Print Shop program to create things? Well, we've become far more sophisticated since then, but Printify serves a similar purpose for artists everywhere.

First started in 2015 in beautiful San Francisco, Printify recently saw a Series A amount of funding totaling over $54 million. Not too shabby for a freemium printing platform that works wonders for artists and would-be business people looking to print their own orders.

And it's not just on paper, either. The program enables printing across many mediums, including T-shirts and other materials. That makes it easy for companies to create marketable products, without worrying too much about the cost. That makes Printify far more valuable than any old Apple program. (Sorry, Print Shop, we still love you.)

TripActions, the Travel-Themed Startup

Finally, as our third (and just as important) example, we take a look at a travel app. Obviously, anyone can book a trip on a travel app and consider themselves set. But what about those that come from the business side? Obviously, booking trips for employees and other travel details (like booking a meeting room) can be a handful. Enter TripActions.

Developed in Palo Alto, California back in 2015, this SaaS startup works with a software-based app. As a result, travel management issues become a thing of the past. It uses a tool that allows companies to book hotels and flights with very little worry, even if that means getting multiple people in on the trip.

What's more, aside from the app, TripActions has a reliable customer service team working around the clock, as well as automated expense reimbursement tools. These, in turn, enable users to get the most from this SaaS startup, including the tremendous value in return.

They must be wildly popular because TripActions recently completed a round of funding (Series F) that reached over $1.5 billion. That's more than most airlines can accumulate with their current rounds of business. That makes TripActions a company well worth considering, especially if you're booking on the corporate front.

There are countless other companies to consider, but these three companies serve as key examples of solid SaaS startups. Don't let the lingo fool you, as they're easy to work with '“ and what's more, primary blueprints for what you can do with your own. It'll obviously take a great deal of development work. But with patience and perseverance, you can get your own SaaS startup up and running!

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