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3D Printing News Briefs: February 2 2018

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In celebration of finally leaving the long month of January behind, we’ll start today’s 3D Printing News Briefs with some good news – Carbon is celebrating its fifth anniversary! Moving on, some other companies have things to celebrate, as Sharebot introduces a new material and CollPlant announces its Nasdaq listing. UL and Ricoh will allow for a tele-presence capability at their upcoming AM workshops, while Ampower and inspire AG are partnering to hold their own AM workshops, and some innovative research has been published about 3D printed titanium drug-delivering implants. Finally, on a less celebratory note, Type A Machines announced that it is closing its doors for good.

Carbon Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

I don’t think anyone in 3D printing will forget when  Silicon Valley-based  Carbon, founded in 2013, first emerged on the scene out of stealth mode with its innovative CLIP technology  in 2015. Since then, the smart company has only continued to grow, and its  3D Manufacturing digital solution has been busy tearing down barriers to innovation at every step of the manufacturing process. Carbon’s partners have used the company’s expertise and technology to create all sorts of products, from  dental models and mobile device protection solutions to  automotive prototypes  and functional mass-produced  athletic footwear. The company, which now has 10 material families, 7 biocompatible resins, and 35 patents (with over 250 patents pending) is celebrating  five years of business  this week.

“The age of digital 3D Manufacturing is here, and Carbon is fundamentally changing how the world designs, engineers, makes, and delivers products,” said Carbon CEO and Co-Founder  Joseph DeSimone, PhD. “Since its inception, Carbon has continuously pushed the boundaries and transformed industries;  we're creating new classes of products, workers, and business models, where product design and engineering is facilitated by cloud-based computing and a wide range of technologies and materials that enable the creation of perfectly tuned'“even personalized'“products that, until now, were impossible to produce.”

Sharebot Introduces New Professional Material

Professional 3D printer manufacturer Sharebot, headquartered in Italy, told 3DPrint.com at formnext 2017 that it would be launching more 3D printing materials this year. The wait is over, as the company has just introduced a special new format for its  unique PLA-S material, in the form of  PLA-S 4kg. The format is dedicated to professional users and companies that work with FFF 3D printing technology and need a long-lasting, reliable material for large-scale models and projects.

The new material format, available in both black and white, works well with the company’s recently launched Sharebot QXXL. The professional 3D printer, which has a 700 x 350 x 300 mm build platform, touchscreen display, and auto calibration, is Sharebot’s biggest offering, and also features Internet connectivity. PLA-S 4kg is now available now on Sharebot’s online store for €99.

CollPlant Listed on Nasdaq

Israeli regenerative medicine company  CollPlant, which uses its plant-based rhCollagen technology and 3D printing bioinks for tissue repair products, announced that its American Depository Shares (ADS) have now been approved for listing on the NASDAQ Capital Market. Collplant’s ordinary shares will continue trading on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange market (TASE) simultaneously, and ADS trading began on Wednesday, January 31st, under the CLGN ticker symbol.

“We believe the Nasdaq listing gives us the opportunity to increase the trading liquidity of our securities, broaden our shareholder base and significantly raise our profile in the investment community,” said  Yehiel Tal, CEO of CollPlant. “CollPlant’s proprietary product line addresses indications for a diverse fields of organ and tissue repair, and is making a real impact in the field of regenerative medicine. Our flagship rhCollagen BioInk product offering is being developed for 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs, and our Vergenix line of rhCollagen products includes a soft tissue repair matrix for the treatment of tendinopathy, as well as a wound repair matrix to promote rapid, optimal healing of acute and chronic wounds. Trading of CollPlant’s ADSs on Nasdaq is a natural extension of our growth goals.”

Tele-presence Allowed at Upcoming Additive Manufacturing Workshops

Global safety science company UL  continues its focus on training, as now working with Ricoh USA, Inc., it will now be incorpo

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