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3D Printing News Briefs: May 15 2018

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There are several new launches to cover in today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, starting with a new sustainable 3D printing steel powder project. Jabil has begun its digital future initiative, and ANSYS released its latest software version, which has a digital twin feature. WASP has a new clay line, and German RepRap has added PEKK carbon to its materials portfolio. In business news, Sintratec has a new German reseller, and if you’re getting ready for this weekend’s royal wedding, you’ll be pleased to know how SodaStream is using 3D printing to celebrate the big day.

EIT Raw Materials Begins Steel Powder Project

A new project on sustainable steel 3D printing powders, funded  by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) on Raw Materials  through 2020, has launched, with an objective of designing, manufacturing, and validating novel steel powders that are optimized for 3D printing. Project SPAcEMAN, or “Sustainable Powders for  AdditivE MANufacturing,” aims to develop these powders in order improve sustainability by then recycling them into feedstocks, which will be demonstrated in automotive prototypes.

Eight project partners covering the three sides of the knowledge triangle – business, education, and research – are working on the project. The project coordinator is Politecnico di Milano, while the LuleÃ¥ University of Technology and Fraunhofer IWS are in charge of the main research efforts.  Höganäs and Centro Ricerche Fiat will help out with  the industrialization stage, as well as with product applications in the automotive sector, with help from  Certema,  Gestamp Hardtech, and  IMR Metal Powder Technologies.

Jabil Launches Radius Digital Strategy

According to a recent digital transformation survey, issues are cropping up due to the fast pace of digital transformation, despite major investments. So in order to help its customers traverse these complicated transformations, while also creating brand differentiation and business value,  product solutions company Jabil has introduced its new  Radius Digital Strategy Practice. This practice combines creative,  customer-centric insights with quantitative business analysis to help clients learn how digital strategies can benefit them, while a  cross-functional team of experts is standing by to evaluate alternative plans during these transformations.

Heather Andrus, Senior Director of Strategic Development at Radius Innovation and Development, explained, “Our new Digital Strategy Practice guides customers through the constant cycle of creating, monetizing and defending business value.  We can enable companies to evolve their products and experiences by adding a digital component, build or expand their digital ecosystems and explore opportunities to monetize Internet of Things (IoT) data, while benefiting from cutting-edge solutions, including advanced automation, 3D printing and machine learning.”

ANSYS Releases 19.1 Software Version

With ANSYS Twin Builder engineers can quickly and easily build, validate, and connect a digital twin to enable predictive maintenance on physical industrial assets.

Today, ANSYS released its updated 19.1 software version, which provides the first full solution for digital twins based on simulation. Now, product developers can quickly build, validate, and deploy these digital twins within one workflow, using the first of its kind ANSYS Twin Builder product, which can increase productivity, reduce costs and time to market, and eliminate complexity. It’s the only product that provides a  packaged approach for digital twins, and can  integrate with any IIoT platform. Additional highlights of the 19.1 release include  new functionality and resources in the  ANSYS Additive Suite, a new version of EnSight Viewer called ANSYS  EnVision  Pro, and advanced  analysis capabilities.

“Furthering our vision of Pervasive Engineering Simulation, ANSYS 19.1 combines all physics and delivers to our customers the most complete toolset to tackle the toughest design challenges.  This release empowers customers with the most efficient productivity gains '”  spurring product innovation and dramatically effecting their bottom lines, as well as on the global economy,” said  Eric Bantegnie, Vice President and General Manager of the ANSYS Systems Business Unit.

WASP Introduces New 3D Printer Line

At the Technology Hub  (Fieramilanocity) in Milan this week, which is dedicated to innovative technologies, Italian 3D printer manufacturer WASP is unveiling its new Clay line. The company is invested in researching and developing 3D printers that can use unique materials such porcelain, ceramics, and clay, and visitors to the event can see WASP’s new clay 3D printers for themselves, along with its industrial, large-scale DeltaWASP 3MT.

The new 3D printers have not been revealed yet, so WASP doesn’t want to give away the surprise, but did say that they come in varying sizes, including some big ones, and were designed to be used with any kind of  Liquid Deposition Modeling (LDM) mixtures. They also feature dedicated firmware, new linear sliders, a simplified tank feeding system, and are capable of 3D printing objects up to 1 meter in height.

German RepRap Adds New PEKK Carbon Material

Speaking of 3D printing materials, German RepRap has added the first high temperature material to its filament portfolio, in response to customer demand. Its new PEKK Carbon  material is heat resistant up to 260 °C, which makes it perfect for use in the aerospace, automotive, and industrial manufacturing industries. It has several unique technical and mechanical properties, such as high strength, which gives it high abrasion resistance, and is also resistant to nearly all  organic and inorganic chemicals, which means that it can be used to make parts that are exposed to acids, fuels, and lubricants.

PEKK Carbon can be used in  sensitive environments and confined spaces due to low outgassing, and can also be used in applications that require a high load capacity. This new material is available  exclusively through German RepRap and its certified resellers in black, 500 gram spools, with a 1.75 mm diameter, though it is currently out of stock on the company’s website.

Sintratec Introduces New German Reseller

Dominik Solenicki, Sintratec, and Armin Mann, MANN Datentechnik

As part of its global sales strategy, leading Swiss SLS 3D printer manufacturer Sintratec has announced that it has a new reseller in Germany in MANN Datentechnik, which specializes in custom solutions and optimizing companies’ process chains. MANN  Datentechnik will now sell the compact Sintratec S1 3D printer and Sintratec Kit through its online store, and will also take over the local support and consulting service as well.

“With this cooperation, we can offer Sintratec interested parties in Germany shorter delivery times, fast professional advice and on-site technical support,” said Armin Mann, the owner of MANN  Datentechnik. “With the inclusion of the Sintratec devices in our portfolio, we supplement our range with desktop SLS systems. The Sintratec 3D printers are perfect for cost-effectively learning SLS technology and integrating it into existing operational procedures.”

SodaStream Has a 3D Printed Royal Wedding Surprise

This coming Saturday, I will be getting up at the crack of dawn to eat a scone and watch TV coverage of Prince Harry’s royal wedding to American actress Meghan Markle. But SodaStream, the world’s largest sparkling water brand, is celebrating the event in 3D printed style. In honor of the royal couple’s  dedication to the fight against single-use plastic  bottles, the company, which is also dedicated to this cause, will be auctioning off a set of 50 limited edition bottles and donating the proceeds to plastic-free Surfers Against Sewage, which Prince Harry and Ms. Markle chose as an official wedding charity. The bottles feature a set of exclusive, 3D printed, recyclable hats, which were inspired  by previous royal looks.

“I take my hat off to the royal couple  and wish them all the best in their marriage.  I applaud them for embracing the cause of creating a plastic bottle free world and choosing Surfers Against Sewage as one of their official charities,” said SodaStream CEO Daniel  Birnbaum. “I hope others will be inspired and join the cause.”

The top 10 bids for each bottle will win, and the auction is open worldwide.

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