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3D Printing News Briefs: October 10 2017

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We’re starting with the kick-off of a popular 3D printing challenge in today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, then moving on to a new 3D printer, a 3D printing handbook, a little bioprinting news and some new facilities, and ending with some 3D printing business news. Stratasys has opened its 2018 Extreme Redesign Challenge, while Skriware has released its newest 3D printer and a 3D printing handbook has been published by a German lawyer. The International Stem Cell Corporation has developed 3D bioprinting technology for liver tissue, and Manchester has its first open access biotech lab. Nano Dimension has opened a nanoparticle ink facility, the site of a moon settlement prototype will be in Hawaii, and finally, Arcam has resolved a preferential rights issue.

Stratasys 2018 Extreme Redesign Challenge

Just a few months ago, Stratasys announced the winners of its 13th annual Extreme Redesign Challenge, and the 2018 edition of the challenge just kicked off today.

“Are you a design or engineering student who has a unique idea and an interest in 3D printing? Do you have an innovative solution that will surely impact the world for the greater good that needs a venue for discovery? Our 14th annual Extreme Redesign challenge kicks off today. It's our annual contest for students who have thoughtfully created form designs that bring purposeful solutions to life. Of all the entries submitted, we will choose 10 designs in each of the awards categories to focus our final selection on.”

STL files that are submitted to the GrabCAD challenge platform will be judged on aesthetics, design creativity, mechanical design, and product usefulness. You can submit entries through February 26, 2018; the finalists will be announced in April, and the winners will be announced in May. Students from anywhere in the world can submit entries for the contest in Engineering (secondary, post-secondary, NCATC education) and Art, Jewelry & Architecture. First place winners in each category will receive $2,500 and the use of a 3D printer for their school for one year. Check out the video produced by Grayson Galisky, who won last year in the Engineering: Secondary Education category:

Skriware Releases New 3D Printer

At the Gitex Technology Week 2017 in Dubai this week, Polish-Swedish startup Skriware introduced its latest device – the Skriware 2, the successor to its first 3D printer model funded on Kickstarter. The intuitive, plug and play printer is a callback to the startup’s first printer, but features a double extruder, a larger workspace, and a full-color touch screen with a 7″  user-friendly interface, which gives users access to the startup’s online 3D libraries without needing any additional software. The Skriware 2 will retail for $1,800, with a pre-order price of $1,599.

“Skriware 2 makes 3D printing process easier and more intuitive than ever, giving our customers revolutionary user experience,” said  Karol Górnowicz, the CEO of Skriware. “It is a new member of Skriware ecosystem which allows users to freely cross the boundaries of their imagination and, among others, create customized 3D printed robots, learn programming, and discover the art of design.”

German 3D Printing Handbook Published

A new 3D printing handbook, called “3D Printing:  Recht, Wirtschaft und Technik des industriellen 3D-Drucks” (Law, Business & Technology of Industrial 3D Printing in English), was just published and is now available for purchase on Amazon. The book was written in German, with a comprehensive English abstract for each chapter, by a team of over 30 co-contributors, including  Dr. Andreas Leupold, a lawyer and founding member of the supervisory council of the Mobility goes Additive industry network. Dr. Leupold also edited the book, which is about the business, law, and technology of 3D printing and “intended for CEOs, entrepreneurs, divisional directors and managers, in-house counsels and legal departments, lawyers and business economists and all readers who want to deal with or explore the different facets of industrial 3D printing.”

It features industry leaders such as Terry Wohlers of Wohlers Associates and Peter Sander of Airbus Industries as well as renowned legal experts such as the former presiding judge of the Federal German Supreme Court and business and 3D printing experts from companies such as voestalpine, Linde AG, Allianz, Deutsche Bahn (German Railway), Fraunhofer Institute and Bundeswehr Research Institute for Materials, Fuels and Lubricants (WIWeB),” Dr. Leupold told 3DPrint.com. “This book covers a wide range of topics from additive manufacturing processes and materials to business models, quality management and legal aspects.”

3D Bioprinting Technology for Liver Tissue

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