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Accelerate your startups growth with practical insights at AWSome Builders Virtual Series

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As the founder of a startup, each day brings with it a new set of challenges. Right from securing that first round of funding, to ensuring that product development is a fruitful process, to choosing the right technological solutions and operations, founders need to constantly make decisions to ensure their growth is on track.

To provide startup founders with practical insights on all milestone challenges, YourStory presents the AWSome Builders Virtual Series, powered by AWS. Starting from June 16, leading founders, CTOs and AWS experts will provide actionable takeaways across a series of virtual sessions to help startups accelerate their growth at any stage of their journey.

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What’s in store for you

The AWSome Builders Virtual Series features more than 40 virtual sessions where founders and CTOs of successful startups, along with AWS experts, will share practical tips and insights to equip founders in leveraging technology solutions to unlock their true potential to scale.

Founders across a variety of sectors, right from fintech to mobility to education, can use these insights to choose the right database and programming language for their operations; streamline backend processes and improve efficiency with automation tools; gather massive quantities of data with state-of-art internet of things (IoT) solutions, and leverage insights from this data with super analytics platforms, to name a few.

Some of these virtual sessions will also see prominent startup founders sharing their hard-earned learnings on key aspects such as what it takes to secure the first round of funding, the importance of having the right team in place and establishing the right frameworks to build truly innovative products, among others.

Here is what is in store for founders like you in the first five virtual sessions of this insightful series:

How to build a product design mindset for ‘Bharat’

Vokal’s platform enables knowledge sharing across 11 Indian languages through voice or video. In this virtual session, learn the building blocks of product development such as using first principles and unlearning biases among others, by hearing team Vokal’s journey.

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Crio's Product & Technology Reflections based on their journey so far

In this virtual session, get insights on timing your Devops investment, and choosing your tech stack, among others as the team of learning platform Crio.Do reflects on the tradeoffs and the choices of its early stage product building phase.

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Building a containerised PCI compliant fintech product using Amazon EKS

Learn how to build a fintech solution that is efficient, secure and compliant with regulations as the team of leading fintech startup NiYo Solutions takes you through the process of how they built their containerised PCI-compliant fintech product using Amazon EKS

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How MoveInSync built an advanced commute platform using AWS IoT

MoveInSync’s mobility platform provides varied solutions for office commutes. In this virtual session, learn how it leveraged technology solutions to manage its vast fleet and bring comfort, safety, and reliability to the daily commute.

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How Recko Used a No-Code Data Warehouse for Finance Teams

Know how enterprise fintech startup Recko used technology solutions to build a digital transaction reconciliation platform for high-growth digital consumer businesses to automate financial controls, plug gaps in cash flows, provide data governance and audit trails that help preserve the life-cycle of each transaction, among other functions.

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There are many such virtual sessions lined up across a diverse range of topics that will interest startup founders at any stage of their growth journey. To know more about this insightful series, and stay updated about what’s on offer, click here

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