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Shopperts Pitch: Social Commerce

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Shopperts Pitch- Shopperts (www.shopperts.in) is a social commerce Startup working on an innovative concept of building a direct-to-crowd selling channel and sell products by utilizing the collective selling power of people. Thousands of home makers participate with us every day and receive beautiful designs of apparels, home décor, artificial jewellery, men’s wear, women’s wear from brands meant for selling purposes. They promote relevant products to their friends, family and social network on Facebook and Whatsapp and collect orders. Shopperts proprietary deep learning technology makes it possible for the participating sellers to receive awesome products from all over the country that may be liked by their end-consumers. This is a novel opportunity for millions of home makers and unemployed men who can take this as a part-time or full-time income opportunity and utilize their time meaningfully while being social, staying on their toes and growing their home business.


The concept:

Just like the way Groupon created a channel between brands and people by exploiting the collective bargaining power of people; Shopperts is about creating an outreach network for small brands by utilizing the collective selling power of people. There is a big outreach gap between small brands who have great quality products and end-consumers who never get to know about these. There are 1000s of great quality apparels, home décor, artificial jewellery brands who manufacture great products that consumers can derive a lot of value from – only if they would be able to discover them. Shopperts technology bridges this gap by utilizing the collective selling power of a class of sellers.

Participating sellers promote the products to end-consumers in their social out-reach via social media platforms Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram. Sellers do not need to own or stock any inventory. Consumers get an in-situ discovery experience of products that could be relevant for them, while browsing social feeds of various sorts, starting from news to jokes to updates from friends and family. They do not need to go to a shopping site or tune into notifications from 1000s of shopping apps to find products. Great quality products matching their taste will start to appear on their social feeds.

Who participates? Who can participate for selling? This class of sellers come from communities of home makers mostly, fashionistas, people seeking part-time income, work-from-home opportunities. Shopperts calls these people “Trend Spotters” as they help their social network to spot new and trendy products that might suite their taste. Popular market research firm Zinnov estimates the current number of such sellers to be at 2 million in India, growing at 40% CAGR and is expected to touch 48 million by 2022. Shopperts believes that collective selling power of this rising class of sellers can make a great direct-to-crowd product distribution channel work for small brands, while creating a completely experience for end-consumers to discover great products via social media platforms, where their eye balls are.

How are we Different?

The concept of utilizing collective selling power of people to create a highly liquid channel for brands is new and sufficiently different from existing players in the market. Organized players in the traditional direct selling space such as Amway, Oriflame and Tupperware sell their own proprietary products via people. Shopperts on the other hand is an in-between platform between small brands and social sellers. Few startups like Meesho and Glowroad are also targeting home-makers to help them to discover inventory to sell, but mainly focus on listing based approaches to provide sellers with inventory. Our whole focus is on products with short circulation time, quality, and our approach is very different from listing-based approaches and  on utilizing the collective selling power of people

Customer Traction:

- 20000+ social sellers on platform

- 500000+ customers directly


Day to Day schedule of a Trend Spotter:

A Trend Spotter- typically a homemaker who resells products to her network, identifies products relevant for her customers and forwards the products via FB or whatsapp.
A typical Trend Spotter spends 4-5 hours in reselling every day, working in three timeslots.

  1. In the morning after completing the initial household work.
  2. In the afternoon after the lunch, when she gets time to communicate with her network and answer to their queries on product availability, product description and prices.
  3. In the night after getting free from the routine work of a standard Home Maker.

Each Trend-Spotter can earn INR 20000 or more on an average per month. But the scale of their business and income depends completely on the efforts and will power to grow their business. Shopperts plays a strong role here in facilitating them with all the services required to sell. All our products are well-curated and we also take care of getting the orders delivered to the end-consumer locations.


Societal Impact:

Using Shopperts technology, we are creating a very new opportunity for millions of women and men to take up social selling as a part-time income opportunity. We wish to first bring the platform to millions of home makers who look for financial inclusion – to contribute towards their family income, utilize their free time better, while being social. We dream of a new and improved way through which selling is done, moving away from the tradition door to door selling to an online social model, with the focus on enabling consumers to discover cool products.


Anyone who has 2-3 hours of free time and is looking to spend this meaningfully can register with us as a participating seller, grow her consumer base and start social selling. With women empowerment being a major drive throughout India, we believe Shopperts technology can fuel a significant growth of aspiring women wanting to work from home.

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