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Teenage Prodigy Unveils World’s First Social Search Engine – And it Gives More than Search Results

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Developing a search engine at the age of 15 is no mean feat, especially when the wiz kid is from Chalsa, a nondescript locale in North Bengal. Meet Abhik Saha, a class X dropout from Don Bosco Oodlabari, in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, Abhik is a tech wizard whose interest in computer programming dates back from when he was just a 11-year-old kid.


He created 8 mobile application and founded a company, started another new company managed to bring funds from one of the angel investor from Mumbai.

And after a long way since then and today runs his own company – Origgon Online services Pvt. Ltd.


“It was the news about the Chennai brothers, success with mobile apps in 2012 that triggered my interest in computer programming and I started thinking of making apps. YouTube, online training classes and books on programming helped me acquire the required knowledge. Once trained, I was confused between starting a software business and making mobile apps but decided on the latter as nowadays the use of mobile phones is wider and more elaborate than that of computers,” informs Saha.




It was after thorough self-training, hours of research and serious hunting for new ideas that Saha’s first 2D Game App ‘Birdingo’ was created on November 2, 2015. This was followed by five more apps in quick succession – two education apps (Math++ and Abcd planet), a learning app (i-Learn, which gives free video tutorials on computer programming or developing languages), a 3D gaming app (3D Task 24).


Abhik Thinks why you needed to rely on several different languages to create technology. One language to create a website, one to run your databases, one to engage people through apps and so on.


What started as a project to invent a unified language across platforms opened up a new can of worms for young Abhik. As he delved deeper into the ways he could change the frameworks that hold up the internet, time and again, his research hit roadblocks.




And most disappointingly, keyword searches he made led him to sites that had no relevant information. Yet, search engines thought it appropriate to rank these on the front page.

Abhik knew that before he could change how developers built for the internet, he would have to change what users expected out of it.

Broadening his field of expertise, Saha recently launched a search engine – Origgon  with a unique enough proposition to give pause to the behemoths of search. Origgon, the world’s first social search engine, looks to use user behaviour to map reputability to search results.

Abhik’s Origgon is a search engine powered Bing and by social media that personalizes results based on the the querist’s social media circles, location, past searches, interests and 2000 other factors. You can clearly see the likes, shares, comments each result has, both globally and within their own social media circles. You can further like and comment through their results page, creating a social media like environment through the search engine.

Origgon adds an extra layer to its community-powered technology through social giving. Starting 3rd October 2017, for every 50 searches you make through Origgon, Origgon will donate on your behalf 100gms of wheat flour to the NGOs supporting mid-day. For this the Mumbai-based startup is trying to partner with various NGOs . This year’s Daan Utsav festival makes it possible for Origgon to donate 10 kgs of wheat flour to an NGO for every 5000 searches made on origgon.com.

Not to be outdone by the social aspect of the product, Origgon boasts an impressive line of technology. Even before the first search result is displayed, the search engine uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to generate an interest graph that tracks user behaviour through social chains.

Using inverted indexing, the code behind this piece of technology is advanced enough to identify irrelevant and spam websites that rely on hack optimization practices.

A team of 3 now, Abhik’s, Origgon hasn’t forgotten its original goal – to change the way sites are built and consumed. They are hard at work building a virtual app environment that can open any website without you having to download it and also want to make a better search engine which will be India's Own and world's 1st social search engine. 

Abhik's origgon.com Social Search Engine