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This startup helps you create try and then buy customized products iDesigniBuy

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E-commerce has been a blessing for all the shopping freaks, but what lacks is that the way we shop doesn’t give us the freedom to customize the orders. One startup that gives us the freedom to customize the products, try them and then buy the products, is  iDesigniBuy.

iDesigniBuy is a team of experienced professionals with multidimensional expertise in customizable designer tools and their aim is to grow as  they provide excellent business solutions to our clients.  They have a vibrant team of young designers and developers with creative minds who help to bring your ideas to life.

Founder iDesigniBuy

Founded by Vivek Ghai and Smita Malaiya in the year 2015, iDesigniBuy is based out of Pune.  Vivek is a FirstGen entrepreneur and iDesigniBuy is his 3th venture. He has exited from his second venture and his first venture is still running profitably. He works closely with the product team and takes care of the sales.  iDesigniBuy is a brainchild of Vivek Ghai and Smita Malaiya Ghai who are serial entrepreneur couple, they have been working on product customization software for many years starting 2005 but were limited to Web2Print Solutions under, working with over 100 clients from across the world they were convinced that the market potential is huge for online product configurators and customization software. Hence they decided to invest in technology and develop resources to take the idea forward.

iDesigniBuy team wants to change how customers shop online.  Their story revolves around assisting end users personalise and customise products online and virtually try them before making a purchase. iDesigniBuy is a product customisation and configuration company.   Now iDesigniBuy offers solutions for online customization of:

1. Tailoring solution for Shirt, Suits, Kurta, Jacket, Hoodie, Socks, etc.
2. Ring and pendent customization software for Jewelry industry.
3. Shoe customization software for Formal shoes, Sports shoes, canvas shoes as well as skating shoes.
4. Web2Print solution for various products from pen drive to truck wraps.
5. Cake and cookie personalization
6. Tile, Floor and home panel configurations
7. Machine part configurations

iDesigniBuy has a team of creative thinkers, industry experts, designers, developers and QA working closely to develop the future of online shopping.  iDesigniBuy offers product personalisation and configuration options to various industries such as Apparel, Footwear, Jewellery and Printing.  They are creating platform for future of shopping where in customers can virtually personalise a product as per his liking, virtually try it, get feedback from friends and family and then make a purchase.

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