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The 10 best reusable coffee cups in the UK

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It's about time we started to take control of our own destiny. Our planet is in big trouble for a whole range of reasons. But there's also many ways we can individually make an effort to turn the tide. 

Waste is one of the major problems we are facing globally, and single-use plastic is arguably the biggest culprit. We've all seen the images of plastics polluting the oceans and damaging the habitats of species around the world. It really needs to stop.

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Thankfully, there are actions we can take to reduce the use of this non-recyclable material. One of these is by switching from using takeaway coffee cups to using a reusable cup. Despite what you may think, the majority of takeaway coffee cups are not recyclable as they contain a thin plastic lining. So switching to a reusable cup can make a significant impact on the amount of single-use plastic entering the environment.  Read more...

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