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Sight Tech Global is Live Join top AI technologists and accessibility innovators discuss the future of assistive tech

iOS 14 lets you tap the back of your iPhone 8212 yes the back 8212 to perform commands

Microsofts Saqib Shaikh lead on Seeing AI is returning to Sight Tech Global Dec 12

Bitmoji employee says company is working to add a wheelchair

Microsoft commits 25M to its AI for Accessibility program

OrCam Technologies cofounder Amnon Shashua to speak at Sight Tech Global

Facebooks accessibility ambitions

Microsoft and Apple collaborate to help visually impaired people use braille displays across operating systems

Airbnb buys Airbnb for disabled people startup Accomable in accessibility upgrade

Apples global accessibility head on the companys new features for iOS 13 and macOS Catalina

Live Caption Googles automatic captioning technology is now available on Pixel 4

Microsoft commits 25M over 5 years for new AI for Accessibility initiative to help people with disabilities

Imagine being blind and trying to attend a virtual event Try that next time you stage one

From AI to inclusive hiring Satya Nadella seeks further inspiration at Microsofts Ability Summit

ExceptionAlly helps parents navigate the special needs education labyrinth

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AirPods to get Live Listen feature in iOS 12

3 steps tech innovators can take to create a more equal society

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As thousands set out to hack for Microsoft book chronicles two defining projects for accessibility

Stark a hub for accessible software design launches a Mac app in beta

Leveling the playing field

Zoom catches up with new accessibility features for sign language interpretation

Loros mounted wheelchair assistant puts high tech to work for people with disabilities

Announcing Sight Tech Global 2021

Assistive technologies will be a 26 billion dollar market and investors are only now addressing it

Facebook YouTube Netflix and more get eyetracking apps from Tobii

4 Signs Your Startups Website Isnt Accessible and the Trouble That Could Cause for Your Business

You can now use Alexa to move around inside apps like Netflix and Hulu on Fire TV Cube

Mobility startups can be equitable accessible and profitable

Ava expands its AI captioning to desktop and web apps and raises 45M to scale

Origami Labs shows off its voicepowered smart ring

Mixtape podcast: Artificial intelligence and disability

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JAWS architect Glen Gordon is joining Sight Tech Global a virtual event Dec 23

17 Top 3D Printing Themes of 2017

Tech helped Cyrus Habib get to Washingtons secondhighest office and new innovations hold even more promise for the blind

Hailing a selfdriving taxi when blind Learn how Waymo answers that challenge at Sight Tech Global

Quadriplegic man keeps on riding using tech to enable 475mile trip across state

Mike Shebanek and Matt King share W3C accessibility project at Sight Tech Global 2021

Google releases livetranscription soundfiltering accessibility features on Android

The red flag meme is a red flag for accessibility

As ADA turns 30 tech is just getting started helping people with disabilities

What will tomorrows tech look like Ask someone who cant see

Apples Jeff Bigham disability rights lawyer Haben Girma author Sara Hendren and more to join Sight Tech Global

Wheel the World raises 2M to provide unlimited experiences for travelers with limited accessibility

Glasses give sight to the legally blind opening eyes to the broader potential of making tech accessible

With 25 years at Microsoft Mike Tholfsen is old school and a champion of education accessibility