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Google lays outs narrow EU election advertiser policy ahead of 2019 vote

Yandex bakes adblocking into its Russian browser

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Congress grills Facebook Twitter Google on shells hiding election meddlers

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Facebook says its clarifying its ad metrics

Facebook will reveal who uploaded your contact info for ad targeting

Corey Weiner is taking over as CEO of mobile ad company Jun Group

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Piano teams up with Truex to combine advertising and paywalls

Podcast industry aims to better track listeners through new analytics tech called RAD

8 million Android users tricked into downloading 85 adware apps from Google Play

Movable Ink adds augmented reality to email marketing arsenal

ClearBrain uses AI to help advertisers target the right users

Qloo acquires cultural recommendation service TasteDive

Sovrn acquires VigLink to expand its publisher monetization platform

Facebook will temporarily disable a tool that lets advertisers exclude people of color

British Airways shows everyone how not to GDPR

You might hate it but Facebook Stories now has 500M users

Amazon Moments lets developers reward customers with actual gifts not just virtual ones

Adjust expands its antiad fraud tech by acquiring Unbotify

Cleanio raises 25M to fight malicious advertising

The case against behavioral advertising is stacking up

Facebook beats in Q1 and boosts daily user growth to 145B amidst backlash

Facebook relaunches search ads to offset slowing revenue

Apples increasingly tricky international tradeoffs

Fake news is an existential crisis for social media

Facebook faces fresh criticism over ad targeting of sensitive interests

The facts about Facebook

YouTubes new AR Beauty TryOn lets viewers virtually try on makeup while watching video reviews

Cambridge Analyticas Nix recalled by fake news probe

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Facebooks tracking of nonusers ruled illegal again

The Operators: Experts from WeWork and Brex talk marketing Getting the most bang for your buck

Answering its critics Google loosens reins on AMP project

Criteo creates an AI lab in Paris

Dosh raises 40M on 300M valuation as its cashback app passes 50M doled out to shoppers

Spotifys missing moneymaker is artisttofan messaging

Oracle acquires Grapeshot a marketing tech startup that helps ensure brand safety

Facebooks wider Kremlin Brexit ad sweep draws a blank

Twitter lets advertisers take over the Explore tab

Uber Eats test lets restaurants trade discounts for ranking boost