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File storage app 4shared caught serving invisible ads and making purchases without consent

Zuckerberg defends political ads that will be 05 of 2020 revenue

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WhatsApp finally earns money by charging businesses for slow replies

Deeplinking startup Branch is raising more than 100M at a unicorn valuation

Former Krux and Salesforce execs raise 15M for their marketing data startup Habu

Most EU cookie consent notices are meaningless or manipulative study finds

Uber is entering the ads business

Facebook is the new crapware

UKs competition regulator asks for views on breaking up Google

AdRoll expands its B2B data and tech by acquiring Growlabs

Highlights from the Senate Intelligence hearing with Facebook and Twitter

AnyMind which uses AI for advertising marketing and HR raises 134M

IronSource a mobile adtech startup confirms 400M raise at 1B valuation

Facebook has poached the DoJs Silicon Valley antitrust chief

Pandora doubles down on ad tech with acquisition of AdsWizz for 145 million

Snapchats new Context Cards use Snaps for spontaneous discovery

Squarespace expands its websitebuilding platform with email marketing

Corey Weiner is taking over as CEO of mobile ad company Jun Group

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House Democrats release more than 3500 Russian Facebook ads

LinkedIn is introducing autoplaying video ads

Stensul raises 7M to make email creation easier for marketers

Anchor wants a future where everyone reads Squarespace ads

Google cancels UK ads from shady rehab clinic referrers already banned in US

Brand power vs product power

Target ups its ad efforts with revamped media company Roundel

Facebook hit with defamation lawsuit over fake ads

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Facebook launches Brand Collabs search engine for sponsoring creators

Congress grills Facebook Twitter Google on shells hiding election meddlers

Now eight parliaments are demanding Zuckerberg answers for Facebook scandals

TikTok spotted testing native video ads

Alibaba boosts its offline reach with 2B investment in outdoor digital marketing firm

Cambridge Analyticas Nix recalled by fake news probe

Twitter also sold data access to Cambridge Analyticalinked researcher

GrabbIt wants to turn your cars window into a trippy video billboard

Facebook relaunches search ads to offset slowing revenue

App Annie acquires analytics firm Libring bringing ad techrelated insights to its platform

Alexa does the Echo Dot Kids protect childrens privacy

Adthena brings its AIdriven search tools to the US

Spotify advertisers can now target listeners by what podcasts they stream

Highlights and audio from Zuckerbergs emotional QA on scandals

Facebooks next moneymaker: Messenger Broadcasts