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Expedia CEO: We havent given up on China

NASA and ESAs Solar Orbiter begins its nearly twoyear journey to the Sun

How to Sprout a Successful Business: Daily Crunch Snacks and Annemarie Cronin Agency

As tech giants face congressional investigation states must step up regulatory oversight too

Transportation Weekly: Polestar CEO speaks Tesla terminology and a tribute

Startup studios go Hollywood as CAA launches Creative Labs

NASA and ESAs Solar Orbiter begins its nearly two year journey to the Sun

Hacking firm Cellebrites newest agreement is with ICE

Profitable Startups with Big Impact: PCIA and the Westbank Company

3D Printing News Briefs: June 18 2019

Scottish spaceport closer to launch after land lease signed

Airbus Used Robotics and 3D Printing Technology to Build RecordBreaking Fully Electric Satellite

NASA sets 2022 launch for air quality sensor that will provide hourly updates across North America

Fords allelectric SUV is officially the Mustang MachE and you can reserve one starting Nov 17

Production of 3D Printed Promethus Rocket Engine Demonstrator Moves Along with New 75M Contract

Tumblr is finally cracking down on fake news

Russian hackers apparently left the midterms alone

SF Motors reveals first two EVs aims to ship its first SUV by next year

Xplore teams up with Nanoracks for commercial deep space exploration

The US secretary of state was fired On Twitter

Descartes Labs launches its geospatial analysis platform

ispace Europe tapped by the European Space Agency for mission to extract water from the Moon

International Consortium Delivers New Microgravity 3D Printer Prototype to European Space Agency

Indonesia ecommerce leader Tokopedia raises 11B from Alibaba and SoftBanks Vision Fund

Twitter suspends thousands of accounts for potential ties to foreign information operations

The electric Porsche Taycan Turbo has an EPA range of 201 miles

How the Audi etron compares to the Tesla Model X and Jaguar IPace

Without proof is Huawei really a national security threat

The 2020 Chevy Bolt EV now has a 259mile range thanks to some cell chemistry tinkering

Linking combat veterans and Valley engineers Reveals drone technology wins DoD contracts VC cash

Amazon pitched facial recognition tech to ICE despite employee objections

NASA sets 2022 launch for air quality sensor that will provide hourly updates across North American

Russian trolls accused of spreading antivaccine propaganda online

As UK firesup private space industry Space Camp Accelerator launches

Seraphim Space Camp launches its latest mission with 7 SpaceTech startups

Prarambhan Creative Works - Creating Iconic Global Brands

Developer pulls critical code from tech company after ICE contract revealed

Microsoft unveils Azure Government Secret to help US agencies handle classified data

Orbital debris startup Astroscale chosen by JAXA for its first space junk removal mission

Benefits and Challenges of 3D Printing in Aeronautics and Automotive Industries

3D Printing Changing Lives Through Provision of Orthopedic Devices in Togo

How the Internet broke America with The New Yorkers Andrew Marantz

NASA reveals the payloads for the first commercial Moon cargo deliveries

Highlights from the Senate Intelligence hearing with Facebook and Twitter

Fabrisonic and Luna Innovations Making 3D Printed Smart Structures with Embedded Fiber Optic Sensors

Max Q: Launches from SpaceX Boeing and the ESA

NakedPoppy launches curated beauty marketplace for wellness junkies

Fabrisonic Luna Innovations EWI: 3D Printed Smart Baseplate for Powder Defect Detection

Without proof is Huawei still a national security threat

Ford to offer hybrid and electric options in redesigned 2020 Escape SUV