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What we learned from Facebooks latest data misuse grilling

Australia sues Facebook over Cambridge Analytica fine could scale to 529BN

Cambridge Analytica has been shut out of Twitters ad platform too

Cambridge Analyticas Nix said it licensed millions of data points from Acxiom Experian Infogroup to target US voters

Facebook has already suspended 200 potentially shady apps

Twitter also sold data access to Cambridge Analyticalinked researcher

Yet another massive Facebook fail: Quiz app leaked data on 120M users for years

Facebook must change and policymakers must act on data warns UK watchdog

Twitter also sold data access to Cambridge Analytica researcher

Facebook appeals UK data watchdogs 500k Cambridge Analytica fine

Facebook staff raised concerns about Cambridge Analytica in September 2015 per court filing

Brexit ad blitz data firm paid by Vote Leave broke privacy laws watchdogs find

The data scientist behind the Cambridge Analytica scandal fires back at Facebook