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Mammoth Biosciences aims to be Illumina for the gene editing generation

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezosbacked fund invests in a global geothermal energy project developer

Lyfts imminent IPO could value the company at 23B

Orbiit raises Seed funding to automate the interactions within an online community

Oscar Health raises 165 million at reported 3B valuation

Google reportedly in talks to acquire Fitbit

Alphabetbacked Medicare Advantage startup Clover Health raises 500M

Alphabets Sidewalk Labs will build a futuristic tech world in Toronto

Waymos Anca Dragan and Ike Robotics CTO Jur van den Berg are coming to TC Sessions: RoboticsAI

The team behind Baidus first smart speaker is now using AI to make films

Xiaomi teases new phone with a screentobody ratio of over 100

Gates Foundation awards 800K grant to AAlpha Bio for COVID19 treatment research

Alphabets Wing begins making first commercial drone deliveries in the US

Healthcare wearables level up with new moves from Apple and Alphabet

Forget Watson the Red Hat acquisition may be the thing that saves IBM

Rigetti Computing took a 71 million down round because quantum computing is hard

Crusoe Energy is tackling energy use for cryptocurrencies and data centers and greenhouse gas emissions

Alphabets Verily launches its California COVID19 test screening site in a limited pilot

Verana Health aims to organize and analyze doctors clinical data sets whether patients like it or not

Googles Deepmind AI unit releases new version of AlphaGo that learns on its own

Alphalactalbumin Market Revolutionary Scope 2028

Google under fire for squeezing travel startups hit by coronavirus refunds

Alphabets CapitalG leads 40 million round in fintech Mantl

The built environment will be one of techs next big platforms

Google reveals plan for smart city makeover of Toronto waterfront is there room left for Amazons second HQ

Googles no choice screen on Android isnt working says Ecosia querying the EUs approach to antitrust enforcement

Alphabets DeepMind achieves historic new milestone in AIbased protein structure prediction

Microsoft launches COVID19 tracker Alphabets Verily puts up screening website

Google cofounders step down from roles as Alphabet execs

Is the AlphaGo AI the best in the world Were about to find out

Robotics AR and VR are poised to reshape healthcare starting in the operating room

Xeroxs PARC to Use AlphaSTAR Simulation to 3D Print Turbomachinery Parts

Alphabet execs Larry Page and Sergey Brin step down Google CEO Sundar Pichai takes over

Prime Day steal: Get 120 off this Calphalon nonstick 13piece set

Google nearly doubles spending on capital projects as it continues major cloud investment

Skiff an endtoend encrypted alternative to Google Docs raises 37M seed

Providing healthcare to lowerincome communities values Cityblock Health at 1 billion

TAE rearranges its leadership and gets ready for next chapter in fusion quest backed by Paul Allen

Passbase is building a fullstack identity engine with privacy baked in

What to expect from tomorrows antitrust hearing featuring big tech

Atlantabased Speedscale now has 22 million more to grow its API test automation business

Steps from the Houses antitrust report are too little too late when it comes to big tech

Waymo expands first external investment round to 3 billion

Investors appear to shrug at antitrust lawsuit aimed at Google

The death and life of the tech press

Google workers in 10 countries form union alliance: We will hold Alphabet accountable

The roadmap to startup consolidation in Southeast Asia is becoming clearer

The Justice Department has filed its antitrust lawsuit against Google

The wellfunded startups driven to own the autonomous vehicle stack

YouTube suspends ads on Logan Pauls channels after recent pattern of behavior in videos