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MITs new way to remotely monitor vital signs over time could help with early COVID19 detection in care homes

Voice AIs are raising competition concerns EU finds

Bluetooth SIG works to include wearables in COVID19 exposure notification systems

MIT develops a way to use wireless signals from inhome appliances to better understand your health

ANGLR raises 33 million to create a Fitbit for fishing

Fleet Space Technologies raises 735M for its spacebased IoT tech

Munich Re buys IoT middleware startup relayr in deal worth 300M

NWU researchers develop a throatworn wearable that could offer early warnings for COVID19 patients

Amazon Sidewalk is a new longrange wireless network for your stuff

GoogleFitbit deal to be scrutinized in Europe over data competition concerns

Skylo raises 103 million to affordably connect the Internet of Things to satellite networks

Internet of Cars: A driverside primer on IoT implementation

Infogrid raises 155M from Northzone to retrofit buildings with smart IoT

IoT solutions are enabling physical distancing

Electrical worker safety startup launches a COVID19 workplace distance and contact tracker

Esper raises 30M Series B for its IoT DevOps platform

Estimote launches wearables for workplacelevel contact tracing for COVID19

IoT security startup Particle raises 40M in Series C

Deep data running wearable NURVV closes 9M Series A led by Hiro Capital

Spire Health Tags are now on Apples shelves

Fitbit launches a COVID19 early detection study and you can join from the Fitbit app

Chinese startup Rokid pitches COVID19 detection glasses in US

Miku watches your baby and your babys heartbeat while you relax