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Colombian pointofsale lender ADDI nabs 125 million from Andreessen Horowitz

Andreessenfunded dYdX plans short Ethereum token for haters

AltSchool wants to change how kids learn but fears have surfaced that its failing students

Fintech platform Synapse raises 33M to build the AWS of banking

Basis a yearold startup thats building a pricestable cryptocurrency just raised 133 million from top investors

The Stanford connections behind Latin Americas multibilliondollar startup renaissance

Okta unveils 50M inhouse venture capital fund

Coinbase acquihires San Francisco startup Blockspring

Why venture capital firms need culture experts

Unraveling the Secrets of Sand Hill Road and the VC thought process with Andreessen Horowitzs Scott Kupor

Divvy an interesting new fractional home ownership startup just raised a Series A round led by Andreessen Horowitz

An insiders look into venture with Andreessen Horowitz Scott Kupor

Databricks raises 250M at a 275B valuation for its analytics platform

AltSchool wants to change how kids learn but fears that its failing students are surfacing

Energysaving Bitcoin rival Chia raises from A16Z plans miniIPO

Earnin raises 125M to help workers track and cash out wages in real time

Wonderschool raises 20M to help people start inhome preschools

Cratejoy sheds 60 of its workforce amid restructuring effort

Very Good Security makes data unhackable with 85M from Andreessen

Bioprogramming toolkit maker Asimov launches with 47M from Andreessen Horowitz

Fintech startup Plaid raises 250M at a 265B valuation

Work Life Ventures raises 5M for debut enterprise SaaS seed fund

Fresh out of Y Combinator Tandem lands millions from Andreessen Horowitz

Not all is predictable on Facebooks social Horizon

Marc Andreessen: audio will be titanically important and VR will be 1000 times bigger than AR

Rappi raises 200M as Latin American tech investment reaches new highs

Why is Andreessen Horowitz and everyone else investing in Latin America now

Has Saudi money become radioactive now

Fivetran hauls in 44M Series B as data pipeline business booms

One of the youngest fund managers in the US just launched her own accelerator too

Lessons from cybersecurity exits

Equity transcribed: Slacks IPO the VCs behind Facebook Libra founder salaries and trouble in scooterland

Andreessen Horowitz values camping business Hipcamp at 127M

Health IQ raises 346 million for life insurance for healthy people

People familiar with Slacks upcoming public offering share what to expect

Libra Facebooks global digital currency plan is fuzzy on privacy watchdogs warn

Cryptocurrency and blockchain bring Asia funds to the forefront of US tech

Apollo raises 22M for its GraphQL platform

Pinterest files confidentially to go public

Kong raises 43M Series C for its API platform

Incredible Healths hiring platform for nurses gets 15M led by Andreessen Horowitz

Startups Weekly: Even Gwyneth Paltrow had a hard time raising VC

Microbiome testing service uBiome puts its cofounders on administrative leave after FBI raid

Instacart raises another 600M at a 76B valuation

Startups Weekly: Whats up with YC Plus mobility layoffs and Airbnbs grand plans

FlyHomes raises 17M to purchase homes for buyers battling cash offers in hot housing markets

Carta was just valued at 17 billion by Andreessen Horowitz in a deal some see as rich

Andreessen Horowitz isnt alone in leaving behind VC as we know it and more company is coming

Meal kit startup Gobble has raised 15 million in Series B financing from Khosla

Coinbase buys Earncom and makes CEO Balaji Srinivasan its first CTO