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WICASTR brings data to the edge

US Commerce Dept amends Huawei ban to allow for development of 5G standards

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Fortnite to increase profits on Android by bypassing Google Play

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Turn any surface into a touch screen with this device 8212 Future Blink

China Roundup: GitHubs China ambitions and WeWork rivals big hopes

Huawei losing ARM could ruin its plans to become top phone maker in the world

Indias contact tracing app is going open source

Google will offer EU users a choice of search providers on Android8212and profit from it

Groww an investment app for millennials in India raises 62M

Live Caption Googles automatic captioning technology is now available on Pixel 4

First version of Apple and Googles contact tracing API should be available to developers next week

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Flutterwave and Visa launch African consumer payment service GetBarter

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Google gets slapped with 5BN EU fine for Android antitrust abuse