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Trump: Google Amazon and Facebook could be an antitrust situation

FTC chair aims to resolve Big Tech antitrust probes this year ending investigations or taking action

Amazon and Google stocks tumble as tech world braces for increased antitrust scrutiny

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Startup Law A to Z: Regulatory Compliance

Project Voldemort: Instagram reportedly threatened verified status of influencers who shared Snapchat links

50 US states and territories launch antitrust probe into Googles potential monopolistic behavior

Amazon reportedly removes the most obvious promotions for its private brands from search results

Europes recharged antitrust chief makes her fiveyear pitch to be digital EVP

Google gets slapped 5BN by EU for Android antitrust abuse

German antitrust office starts asking questions online ad platform giants

Google faces antitrust investigation from nearly every US state

How a blockchain startup with 1M users is working to break your Google habit

Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes calls for Facebook to be broken up

German antitrust office starts asking questions about online ad platform giants

Google has quietly added DuckDuckGo as a search engine option for Chrome users in 60 markets

What the FTCs 5B fine against Facebook means for the broader crackdown on Big Tech

Dont break up big tech regulate data access says EU antitrust chief

US Justice Department lawsuit over ATTs Time Warner acquisition appears imminent

How Amazons treatment of thirdparty sellers became an antitrust target in the US and abroad

France slaps Google with 166M antitrust fine for opaque and inconsistent ad rules

Google hit with 17 billion fine for anticompetitive ad practices

EU reportedly investigating Amazons treatment of thirdparty sellers formalizing antitrust probe

Apple Pay and iOS App Store under formal antitrust probe in Europe

Google fined 149BN in Europe for antitrust violations in search ad brokering

Apples Supreme Court setback could spell trouble for other tech companies facing antitrust scrutiny

Big Techs big week: Amazon Apple Facebook and Google on the hot seat in Washington DC

Google fined 211M for search bias in India

CFIUS Cometh: What this Obscure Agency Does and Why It Matters to Your Fund or Startup

AWS antitrust How Amazons cloud unit would defend against an expanded FTC inquiry

The other smartphone business

Facebook and Google feel the heat as multiple states launch antitrust investigations

Facebook official: Social media giant confirms antitrust investigation beats earnings estimates with 169B in Q2 revenue

Apple is under formal antitrust probe in Russia

Waiting for Elizabeth Warren: Why breaking up big tech hasnt become a big campaign issue

US Justice Department launches sweeping antitrust probe into top US tech companies

Bill Gates: Breaking up Big Tech isnt the answer

UKs competition regulator asks for views on breaking up Google

Facebook has poached the DoJs Silicon Valley antitrust chief

Is it really time to break up Big Tech A reality check on Sen Warrens ambitious proposal

Google appeals 17BN EU AdSense antitrust fine

Amazon reportedly facing new probes in California Washington

Google gets slapped with 5BN EU fine for Android antitrust abuse

FTC assembles new task force focused on the tech industry8217s anticompetitive practices