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Uber spent 457 million on selfdriving and flying car RD last year

Apple restricts ads and thirdparty trackers in iPhone apps for kids

Apple retail workers at the Grand Central store are trying to unionize

Apple reportedly limits internal use of AIpowered tools like ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot

Apples Tim Cook is sending a privacy batsignal to US lawmakers

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Amid ARVR experiments Apple buys UK visual effects studio

Apple Microsoft and USBIF team up to standardize braille displays

With echoes of Theranos Truvian Sciences revives the dream of lowcost accessible blood tests

Cram downs are a character test for VCs and founders

Tech giants brace for impact in India as new recurring payments directive goes into effect

Scandit snaps up 150M at a 1B valuation for its computer visionbased data capture technology

AI consulting startup Hypergiant brings on Bill Nye as an advisor

This Week in Apps: GameStop madness hits trading apps Apple privacy changes Clubhouse becomes a unicorn

Apple and Google bow to pressure in Russia to remove Kremlin critics tactical voting app

Apple buys Denver startup building waveguide lenses for AR glasses

Kevin Rose on crypto winters pseudonymous founders and his buzzy Moonbirds NFT project

Apple Watch Series 5s banner feature needs to be turned up to 11

Fossil announces new update to Android Wear watches with HR tracking GPS

Big tech cutting back on hiring is an opportunity for startups

South Korean content providers raise service fees in the wake of Googles inapp payment policy

US App Store revenue from nongame apps just topped games for the first time

Sight Tech Global day 2 is live Hear from Apple Waymo Microsoft Sara Hendren and Haben Girma

Twelve Souths HiRise Wireless is a super versatile wireless smartphone charger

Microsoft and Apple collaborate to help visually impaired people use braille displays across operating systems

Klarnas potential valuation cut to 15B appears sufficiently steep

WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: Apple Announces Developer Academy in Detroit Episode 161

Apple said to debut voiceactivated Siri AirPods in 2018 waterresistant model in 2019

Leaked S1 says Palantir would fight an order demanding its encryption keys

Interview: Rep Pramila Jayapal on why her new legislation might make Amazon an illegal monopoly

Daily Crunch: After developers complain Microsoft clarifies new policy on open source monetization

Hardware startup Norths big pivot bet on wearable computing and platform shifts

It turns out TechCrunch writers have really strong opinions about Apples new WalkieTalkie feature

Apple awards 10 million to rapidly scale COVID19 sample collection kit production

Fintechs fever cant make up its mind

Apple is now restricting Chinese language podcasts in China

Report: India may be next in line to mandate changes to Apples inapp payment rules

AI is coming to your Bing and Google searches Apples M2 chip and Super Bowl streaming

Apple says it will begin scanning iCloud Photos for child abuse images

Apple reportedly partners with VW to build selfdriving shuttle vans

Report: Apple quietly acquired Israels Camerai formerly Tipit a specialist in AR and camera tech

RevenueCat raises 40M Series B for its inapp subscription platform

Apple is launching its own medical clinics for its employees

The future of diversity and inclusion in tech

Typewise taps 1M to build an offline next word prediction engine

TechCrunch roundup: OKR basics betting on Apple Vision Pro why smooth onboarding is bad

Instagram is adding more features to its creator subscriptions test

Apple introduces SharePlay for cowatching streaming and screen sharing over FaceTime