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RealityEngines AI could help small businesses overcome the data gap

MIT is reviewing its relationship with AI startup SenseTime one of the Chinese tech firms blacklisted by the US

Microsoft is cutting off some sales over AI ethics top researcher Eric Horvitz says

MetaCert can catch phishing links in your email

NASA taps CMU to develop robots to help turn pits on the Moon into potential habitats

Physicists developed an experimental quantum device to predict the future

Indias Fyle bags 45M to expand its expense management platform in US other international markets

YouTubers everywhere will love this device

3D Printing Spotlight On: Amy Karle Award Winning BioArtist

ACLU sues US government over its use of facial recognition at airports

Amazon to open visually focused AI research hub in Germany

Tableau gets AI shot in the arm with Empirical Systems acquisition

Pixel Buds show exactly how Google plans to beat Apple at its own game

Scientists working with Google just published the most detailed brain scans ever created

US mobile bank MoneyLion raises 100 million at near unicorn valuation

Tech experts agree its time to regulate artificial intelligence if only it were that simple

Review: Amazons Fire TV Cube made me like smart speakers again

Alphabets Jigsaw introduces a tool that can verify fake images but its probably not for you

Facebooks AI knows how likely you are to evacuate during a hurricane

Arcona uses machine learning to compose adaptive soundtracks in real time

Children are being datafied before weve understood the risks report warns

I cant wait for cities to start banning human drivers

NYU professor says Tesla will fail Elon Musk makes fart noises

Intel and Baidu partner on Nirvana Neural Network AI training processor

Top schools for AI: New study ranks the leading US artificial intelligence grad programs

Global investor SparkLabs launches a consultancy business for corporates

This feminist chatbot challenges AI bias in voice assistants

New technology can see your body through walls

AIpowered smart glasses are finding people with coronavirus in China

Hallelujah Google Assistant finally has access to your G Suite calendar

Clari raises 35M for its AIbased sales platform expands into marketing and supply chain management

This site turns your selfies into Renaissance portraits

Googles top AI scientists: Were entering phase two

DeepMinds AI mastered Go now its playing Atari

Elon Musks selfdriving strategy still doesnt include LiDAR

Having an ethical framework is the best way to mitigate risks in autonomous technology

Theres a Coursera class to help your clueless boss figure out AI

Samasource raises 148M for global AI data biz driven from Africa

Report: China will outspend US on AI research by end of 2018

Volvo teams up with Nvidia to develop selfdriving commercial and industrial trucks

Africa Roundup: Africas tech ecosystem responds to COVID19

Sen Cantwell and other policymakers want to create a federal committee to grapple with the coming AI revolution

TechSee nabs 16M for its customer support solution built on computer vision and AR

Sherpa a Spanish voice assistant expands Series A to 15M as it passes 5M users

The 2017 TechCrunch Include Progress Report

Federal study: Facial recognition systems most benefit middleaged white males

LeBron James and Intel want to convince you autonomous cars are safe

Microsoft will be adding AI ethics to its standard checklist for product release

Google rolls out early access to new YouTube Music subscription service

Where human intelligence outperforms AI