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Fully autonomous trains are better suited for moving ores than people

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Former soldiers use AI to wage war on convenience store lines

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Were almost positive this is the restaurant Google Duplex called for a dinner reservation

COMB announces a 77M fund to help AI startups enter China

Sorry Im too busy planning our smart home to help pack

This neural network lets you build and evolve little AI creatures

Nvidia CEO: No more than 4 years to have fully autonomous cars on the road

Global investor SparkLabs launches a consultancy business for corporates

Amazon is cramming Alexa into household robot

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Elon stokes stupidity by driving Tesla Model 3 unsafely on 60 minutes

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HarvardMIT initiative grants 750K to projects looking to keep tech accountable

Until Robots Destroy Us All AIM High With AI Marketing

Ariella Grinberg from General Motors joins us in Tel Aviv

Butterfly nabs 24M Seed round to improve managers with targeted tips

Wandelbots wants to reinvent the way we program robots

DARPA wants smart bandages for wounded warriors

In Canadas cloud services market venture investment opportunities abound

AIpowered bathroom cam network is Reddits most WTF shower thought

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Boeing invests in company building autonomous aircraft

Meet top startups from Alchemist Class 17

Moesif raises 35M seed round to provide insight into API usage

Waymo CTO on the companys past present and what comes next

SeeTree raises 115M to help farmers manage their orchards

Xiaomi backs Indian consumer lending startup ZestMoney in 134M deal

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Voicera lands 135 million with help from bigtime enterprise investors

Facebook just bought an AI startup to help it fight fake news