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Butterfly nabs 24M Seed round to improve managers with targeted tips

Subterranean drone mapping startup Emesent raises 25M to autonomously delve the deep

DataSine raises 52M led by Pentech and Propel for its AI contentmarketing platform

Lacking eyeballs Facebooks ad review system fails to spot coronavirus harm

Flittos language data helps machine translation systems get more accurate

ActionIQ nabs 30M led by A16Z to bring big data targeting to marketers

AI model exposes Hollywoods bias against actresses

Rana el Kaliouby and Alexei Efroswill be speaking at TC Sessions: Robotics AI April 18 at UC Berkeley

Rahko raises 13M seed from Balderton for quantum machine learning tech

Everything you need to know about the drone used by the US to assassinate an Iranian general

Arbe Robotics raises 9M to build highresolution radars for autonomous cars

Flagship Pioneering raises 11 billion to spend on sustainability and healthfocused biotech

Climate change AI and ethical leadership in big tech with Amazon principal UX design lead Maren Costa

Labelbox raises 10 million for its services to support machine learning applications

Experts warn AI could hardwire sexism into our future

The savage genius of SoftBank funding competitors

AI may soon save a ton of cute and ugly animals from drug testing

Measuring AI startups by the right yardstick

Test your fake British or American accent with this AI

Vayyar nabs 109M for its 4D radar tech which detects and tracks images while preserving privacy

Finnish autonomous car goes for a leisurely cruise in the driving snow

Trumps wall wont stop Chinas AI

Top VCs say the landscape for enterprise startups is changing

Trump administration wants racist AI for Extreme Vetting Initiative

Human bias is a huge problem for AI Heres how were going to fix it

Only 24 hours left to save 100 on TC Sessions: Enterprise 2019

Drug discovery startup Recursion raises 60 million in Series B from Data Collective

Federal study: Facial recognition systems most benefit middleaged white males

Rings Jamie Siminoff and Clincs Jason Mars to join us at Disrupt SF

Postmates lands permit to test its Serve autonomous delivery robots in SF

A pickaxe for the AI gold rush Labelbox sells training data software

US driverless car lead vanishing as China and UK put pedal to the metal

The sudden death of the website

Experts from Google TMobile and other tech frontiers weigh in on the future of AI

Fleksy rolls out an SDK for its AI keyboard

Scale AI releases free lidar dataset to power selfdriving car development

Researchers just proved why its so scary that digital assistants are always listening

Paige adds 5M from Goldman Sachs to double down on AIbased cancer therapies

Expectation Versus Reality: Are boardrooms blocking digital revolutions

This startup provides machine learningdriven virtual assistant chatbot for enterprises Articbot

VNTANA CEO Ashley Crowder will talk holograms at TechCrunch Sessions: ARVR

Tech Moves: Precision Polling cofounder joins AI2 Axon scoops up Nokia vision team and more

Stopping racist AI is as difficult as stopping racist people

Announcing the TC Pitch Night: Robotics AI startups

Microsoft hopes enterprises will want to use Cortana

Were missing the Skynet to complete our connected robot future

LinkedIn ProFinder Shares Advice for Navigating the Gig Economy

3 privacy issues to consider before bringing an Amazon Echo into your house

Interstellar space travel will require lots of sex

The real threat of fake voices in a time of crisis