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Kaia Health gets 26M to show it can do more with digital therapeutics

Politicians have failed us its time for AI to stop school shootings

Nvidia reveals new AI platforms for smart assistants and AR in the car

Amazon Web Services adds new features to SageMaker and makes its AIpowered transcription services generally available

Amazon prepares to strike back after Microsoft wins 10B JEDI contract

Neural Magic gets 15M seed to run machine learning models on commodity CPUs

Tableau gets AI shot in the arm with Empirical Systems acquisition

Airbus and IBM Developing a 3D Printed Robot Named CIMON to Support Astronauts on the ISS

3 things startups need to consider before buying insurance

Soft Robotic Fish with 3D Printed Components Ready for Marine Life Observation

As it closes in on ARM Nvidia announces UK supercomputer dedicated to medical research

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Y Combinator is launching a startup program in China

These were our 7 favorite highlights of TNW2020

Omnius CEO Sofie QuidenusWahlforss is joining us at Disrupt Berlin

Social intelligence platforms Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon to merge

Microsofts Flight Simulator 2020 will launch on August 18

Tourists Can Experience Indias Monuments All in One Place with 3D Technologies

AI document engineering startup Docugami raises 10M seed round in unusually large early stage deal

YouTube faces brand freeze over ads and obscene comments on videos of kids

huddlai wants to bring more intelligence to online meetings

Pixel 5 and 4a 5g get the same improved cameras with rear ultrawide lens Night Sight portraits and more

This AI tool helps people with speech difficulties to communicate

Meet Vise AI the startup reimagining portfolio management

Researchers developed explainable AI to help diagnose and treat atrisk children

New artificial evolution research could finally prove Darwin was right

Google gives its AI the reins over its data center cooling systems

Healthcare by 2028 will be doctordirected patientowned and powered by visual technologies

Hype is killing AI heres how we can stop it

US joins G7 AI alliance to counter Chinas influence

Googlers are furious about their AI being used with military drones

How YouTubes bias algorithm hurts those looking for information on health

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Glisten uses computer vision to break down product photos to their most important parts

Creepy AI scans a drivers face and voice to monitor mood and distraction level

Paige details first AI pathology tech with clinicalgrade accuracy in new research paper

Googles latest Pixel feature is your first look at the future of search

AIpenned manga Paidon to be published this week

Microsoft adds Mori to translator as New Zealand pushes to revitalize the language

Googles AIpowered smart glasses help the blind to see

Elon Musk replaces robots at Tesla factory: Humans are underrated

Everything you need to know about narrow AI

Amazon patents a realtime accent translator

Prisma cofounders raise 1M to build a social app called Capture

Can AI read your emotions Try it for yourself

Watch: Performanceenhancing AI could change baseball forever

Europe will go it alone on digital tax reform in 2021 if it must says EU president as bloc directs 150BN in COVID19 relief toward cloud AI and broadband

The adversarial persuasion machine: a conversation with James Williams

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Flittos language data helps machine translation systems get more accurate