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AI algorithms are puzzled by our online behavior during the coronavirus pandemic

Europe will push to work with the US on tech governance postTrump

Fresh out of Y Combinator Leena AI scores 2M seed round

Amazon patents hijackproof delivery drones

Check out the breakout sessions at TC Sessions: Mobility

AI rejects conservative human views on furniture designs wacky chair

Google Assistant on Home devices now speaks and understands Spanish

Skelter Labs raises 9M to help put Korea on the global AI map

Accenture announces intent to buy French cloud consulting firm

WiFi network made of rubber ducks could save lives during natural disasters

Volocopters fullyelectric autonomous manned multicopter is ridiculously cool

Crush your next job interview with this AIpowered coach 8212 now 73 off

MIT and Harvard create cheap artificial muscles with super strength

Krisps smart noisecancelling gets official release and pricing

Determined AI nabs 11M Series A to democratize AI development

Amazons facial recognition is now aiding US law enforcement

What do AI and blockchain mean for the rule of law

HEXWAVE: Waving Goodbye to Threat of 3D Printed Guns

Waymo buys Latent Logic drives deeper into simulation and Europe

Searchableai nabs additional 4M seed to continue building AIdriven search

AI in 2017 cant nearly match the smarts of Star Wars droids 8212 it barely understands us

Google rolls out early access to new YouTube Music subscription service

Is your products AI annoying people

New AI tool lets you doctor photos and it8217s showing surprising potential

3D Printing News Briefs December 3 2020: Continuous Composites AIMS ULTRAWAVE Digital Building Technologies QOROX Disney

UK puts on misleading robot puppetshow in Parliament

Is AI more threat than promise Tech developers join activists in calling for new safeguards

JAWS architect Glen Gordon is joining Sight Tech Global a virtual event Dec 23

Florida is testing driverless school shuttles what could go wrong

Scientists think well finally solve nuclear fusion thanks to cuttingedge AI

How to stop fearing black box AI and love the robotruled future

Heres where its cheaper to take an Uber than to own a car

SafeAI raises 5M to develop and deploy autonomy for mining and construction vehicles

Insurtech startup Akur8 raises 89M from BlackFin and MTech Capital

Neural Magic gets 15M seed to run machine learning models on commodity CPUs

Facebook asks for a moat of regulations it already meets

IBMs Watson is going to space

People are fighting algorithms for a more just and equitable future You can too

When will customers start buying all those AI chips

Ripjar founded by GCHQ alums raises 368M for AI that detects financial crime

RD Roundup: Sweat power Earth imaging testing ghostdrivers

In 2020 Warsaws startup ecosystem is a place to observe carefully

Lessons in artificial intelligence from Nest Audi and a cockerel

Children are being datafied before weve understood the risks report warns

Elon Musk confirms Tesla will use its own selfdriving AI chips

We need to focus on AI complementing the mind not replacing it

Autonomous retail startup Inokyos first store feels like stealing

Google Go search app for emerging markets can now read out website content

OthersideAI raises 26M to let GPT3 write your emails for you

AI expert Stuart Russell to join TCs RoboticsAI 2020 at UC Berkeley