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As Magic Leap preps for its first developer conference the focus shifts to content

Matterport raises 48M to ramp up its 3D imaging platform

Starbucks teams with Alibaba for augmented reality experience at epic new Shanghai Roastery

Artificial raises 21M led by Microsofts M12 for a lab automation platform aimed at life sciences RD

Magic Leap vets raise 35M for new virtual reality prototyping platform Torch

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North ending production of current Focals smart glasses to focus on Focals 20

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Apple introduces iOS 12 with a smarter Siri and more augmented reality features

Varjo an early mover in building XR headsets and software for enterprises taps 40M

Metas next VR headset might be called the Quest Pro

AR 10 is dead: Heres what it got wrong

Through crowdsourcing Cerberus Interactive wants to take location based gaming to the masses

The company behind Pokmon GO Niantic lays off 8 of staff and cancels 4 projects

Pitch Deck Teardown: WayRays 80M Series C deck

Porch adds augmented reality tech to home improvement marketplace with Streem partnership

Interview with Ganit Goldstein on Craft Technology Fashion 3D Printing

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WTIA launches market accelerator program for Canadian AR and VR startups breaking into US

LEGO launches eight ARfocused sets

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Snap had its best quarter in four years

Niantic reportedly raising 200M at 39B valuation

Disneybacked Jaunt lays off significant number of employees as it moves away from VR

Fastgrowing game engine startup Unity loses its CFO

HTC reveals the 499 Vive Flow a tiny VR headset with some big tradeoffs

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Matterport acquires AI special effects startup Arraiy

Niantic raises 300M at a 9B valuation to build the realworld metaverse

Volvo Cars Tech Fund invests 2M in optics and imaging startup Spectralics

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Handson with Windows Mixed Reality headsets: Same tech as Microsoft HoloLens at a lower price

Ikea acquires AI imaging startup Geomagical Labs to supercharge room visualisations

AmazeVR gets another 15M to forge the future of immersive concerts

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Epson and DJI Collaborating on Augmented Reality Drone Flight Simulator App for Moverio Smart Glasses

Target adds AR shopping to its mobile website

Alta closes 124M seed round led by Makers Fund and Andreessen Horowitz

Group of employees calls for end to Microsofts 480M HoloLens military contract

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WaveOptics nabs 26M as it sets its sights on lowercost AR hardware

Snap acquires AR startup WaveOptics which provides tech for Spectacles for over 500M

To own an AR future Niantic wants to build a smarter map of the world

Banuba raises 7M to supercharge any app or device with the ability to really see you