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Optimus Rides Brooklyn selfdriving shuttles begin picking up passengers this week

Daimlers semiautonomous trucks may be hitting a road near you

Ford expands selfdriving vehicle fleet to Austin

Carmera the mapping startup for autonomous vehicles raises 20 million

Australia announces new national laws for selfdriving cars

Toyota wants to get us truly crushing on cars

Volvos 360c concept car doesnt have a steering wheel

Honda is working with Chinese AI unicorn SenseTime on selfdriving car tech

Tesla acquires computer vision startup DeepScale in push toward robotaxis

Autonomous Car 2018 Market SegmentationApplicationTechnology Market Analysis Research Report to 2022

Toyota tries to make its most advanced autonomous car look slightly normal

Delphi buys Nutonomy for 400 million to scale and deliver autonomous vehicles

Waymo releases a selfdriving open data set for free use by the research community

Last day to save 100 on tickets to TC Sessions: Mobility 2019

Built is a new startup changing the construction industry

Aurora hires SpaceXs Jinnah Hosein opens SF and Pittsburgh offices

With new tech coming online cities need a department of urban testing

Voyage raises 31 million to bring driverless taxis to communities

Toyota Research Institute to debut its 30 selfdriving research car at CES

Former Google X exec Mo Gawdat wants to reinvent consumerism

The wellfunded startups driven to own the autonomous vehicle stack

How Chinas first autonomous driving unicorn Momenta hunts for data

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang clarifies Uber is not using its Drive platform

Uber taps Nvidia for its selfdriving vehicle fleet

Ford will begin testing selfdriving cars in a new city in 2018

Uber said to be negotiating sale of selfdriving tech to Toyota

Who is responsible when a selfdriving car kills someone

Only 48 hours left for earlybird tickets to TC Sessions: Mobility 2019

Lyft is building a selfdriving platform with auto supplier Magna

Volvo creates a dedicated business for autonomous industrial and commercial transport

Elon Musk says The Boring Company will launch in China this month

LG teams up with HERE for selfdriving telematics tech

Waymo teams with Trov on passenger insurance for selfdriving service

Lunewave is pitching a new sensor offering better vision for autonomous vehicles

Tesla acquires computer vision startup DeepScale in push towards robotaxis

FiveAI to start a trial of its shared autonomous car fleet in London in 2019

Former Google X ecec Mo Gawdat wants to reinvent consumerism

Zoox cofounder Jesse Levinson is coming to TC Sessions: Mobility

Baidu debuts Apollo 20 its latest open selfdriving platform

South Koreas building a whole city to test selfdriving cars

Autonomous air mobility company EHang to deploy air shuttle service in Guangzhou

The race to build autonomous delivery robots rolls on

Taking a truly driverless ride in Waymos Chrysler Pacifica

Building the best possible driver inside Waymos Castle

Intel sets the stage for new Level 2 automated driving

Baidu teams with US paratransit agency on LA selfdriving pilot

California to allow testing of selfdriving cars without a driver present

Volkswagen and Hyundai both plan to deploy selfdriving taxis by 2021

In autonomous driving realworld testing is taking a backseat

Waymo now testing its selfdriving cars on public roads with no one at the wheel