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UK Facebook users now have a tool to report scam ads

Alls fair in love and new databases for Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy

Uber settles lawsuit with woman who accused executives of obtaining medical records after she was raped

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Daily Crunch: 85B AmazonMGM merger will bring thousands of titles to Prime Video

Europes top court takes a broad view of privacy responsibilities around platforms

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Rivian hit with gender discrimination lawsuit that alleges toxic bro culture

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Diffblue launches a free community edition of its automated Java unit testing tool

Court filings show how Amazon Web Services is using Section 230 as a legal sword against Parler

3 views on Amazons 39B acquisition of One Medical

Jeff Bezos says hes being extorted in response to defamation suit brought by his girlfriends brother

Huawei expected to sue US government in response to ban on federal agencies using its products

Apple sends new offer to Dutch antitrust authority over dating apps payments racks up 9th fine

The latest multistate antitrust lawsuit targets Googles ad business

First we SPAC then we take down AWS

OpsLevel raises 15M to help developers manage their microservices

The guide to great metrics: Productled principles

AI platform Continual raises 145M Series A and comes out of beta

Jeff Bezos will no longer be CEO of Amazon as of later this year

Were still just scratching the surface of the clouds potential

Australia sues Facebook over Cambridge Analytica fine could scale to 529BN

Microsoft doubles down on cloud data with new products makes new appeal to Amazons rivals

Lawsuit ruling over dog leash purchased on Amazon could greatly impact thirdparty seller business

Serverless monitoring startup Epsagon expands to cover broader microservices

Textio sues former customer over optimized job descriptions allegedly repurposed and sold to its own customers

Amazon Web Services makes nearly 67 of Amazons operating profit in blockbuster quarter

Lemonade gets a nastygram from Deutsche Telekom over its use of magenta says it will fight

What to Do If Your Startup Gets Sued

Amazon unveils musical keyboard that uses AI to compose surprisingly good original songs

Amazon details cause of AWS outage that hobbled thousands of online sites and services

AWS will buy a SaaS company and other 2022 enterprise predictions

Newly legal 3Dprinted gun blueprints targeted by state lawsuits

Germanys antitrust probe of Google products steps up a gear

Amazon hit with lawsuit by SXSW venue alleging tech giant strongarmed return of rental payment

Atomized lands 500K preseed to help developers deploy infrastructure faster

Following lawsuits Snapchat pulls its controversial speed filter

Google eliminates Kubernetes clustermanagement fees just before the main event at AWS re:Invent

Epic Games Bandcamp temporarily wins right to use its own payments system on Google Play

How big tech just keeps getting bigger

Amazon prevails over eBay in lawsuit accusing Seattle company of poaching thirdparty sellers

Indictment says accused Capital One hacker also used exploited cloud servers for cryptojacking

TechCrunch roundup: Credit Karma postexit recruiting developers re:Invent recap

Anthony Levandowski ordered to pay 179 million to Google

Amazon and Capital One face lawsuits after massive hack affects 106M customers

Meta sues Chinese companys US subsidiary for scraping Facebook and Instagram data