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Tech Moves: Google snags Georgia Tech AI professor Apptio hires exec from AWS The Riveter names Portland leader and more

Lemonade gets a nastygram from Deutsche Telekom over its use of magenta says it will fight

UK commits to redesign visa streaming algorithm after challenge to racist tool

Amazon Web Services releases five new Elemental cloud tools for video publishers

Lawsuit ruling over dog leash purchased on Amazon could greatly impact thirdparty seller business

Amazon Web Services Peter DeSantis sheds more light on the cloud giants custom chip strategy

Bright raises 15M for its live video platform that lets you learn from top creators

ExAmazon employee sues for wrongful termination claims coronavirus whistleblowing led to firing

Google wins appeal against UK class actionstyle suit seeking damages for Safari tracking

Cycode raises 20M to secure DevOps pipelines

Amazon launches CodeWhisperer a GitHub Copilotlike AI pair programming tool

Building a great startup requires more than genius and a great invention

The SEC wants disgraced VC Mike Rothenberg to cough up more than 30 million

Jeff Bezos will no longer be CEO of Amazon as of later this year

Current and former Microsoft employees appeal classaction denial in gender discrimination lawsuit

Indias Locus raises 4M to expand its logistics management service worldwide

Join Twilios Jeff Lawson for a live QA August 25 at 2:30 pm EDT11:30 am PDT

Amazon launches AWS IQ a marketplace of thirdparty cloud experts for ondemand projects

The box is open: AWS Center for Quantum Computing is definitely alive at Caltech

Dont expect AWS to launch a blockchain service anytime soon

AWS opens up its Amazon Braket platform as launch pad for quantum computing

Amazon Alexa launches its first HIPAAcompliant medical skills

Arm launches its latest chip design for HPC data centers and the edge

Amazon Web Services acquired technology behind new Sumerian ARVR tool from a bankrupt startup

Judge dismisses class action lawsuit against Zillows Zestimate home value tool for second time

Whats at stake for Amazons 36B cloud business at its big AWS re:Invent conference this week

Amazon and Capital One face legal backlash after massive hack affects 106M customers

Visualizing the cloud: Timelapse takeaways from the GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit

DoD likely to split JEDI contract between Amazon and Microsoft analyst says

Amazon Web Services joins the blockchain party with managed blockchain service for Hyperledger Fabric or Ethereum

Thats so metal: Amazon Web Services unveils baremetal instances for EC2 compute customers

Amazon Web Services outage affects Adobe Roku Twilio Flickr others

Is Big Tech bad at business

Facebook hit with defamation lawsuit over fake ads

VMware adds trybeforeyoubuy option for VMware Cloud on AWS and new European region

Amazon Web Services introduces its own customdesigned Arm server processor promises 45 percent lower costs for some workloads

Apple fined again for applying unreasonable conditions to dating apps after Dutch antitrust order

Dutch court orders Facebook to ban celebrity crypto scam ads after another lawsuit

The Supreme Court sided with Google in its epic copyright fight against Oracle

Rad vs Bam: Seattle ebike startup calls rival a copycat company sues over alleged knockoff website

Why Blissfully decided to go all in on serverless

Incredibuild powers up with 35M to boost its distributed faster approach to games and software development

Tech Moves: TMobile adds former US intelligence director to board Amazon execs depart and more

AWS will buy a SaaS company and other 2022 enterprise predictions

Dispense with the chasm No way

Watch out Coachella Amazon gets into music festival business releases lineup for Intersect

AWS just cant catch a break

AWS new texttospeech engine sounds like a newscaster

Covert datascraping on watch as EU DPA lays down radical GDPR redline

Soloio raises 11M to help enterprises adopt cloudnative technologies