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Can you live to 200 New podcast from Seattle entrepreneur TA McCann wants to find out

RD roundup: soft 3D printing backscatter WiFi and other bleedingedge tech

Big debut: Shares of Adaptive Biotechnologies rise 100 on first day as public company

Tissue Engineering in Turkey: Focus Turns to Melt Electrospinning Hybrid Manufacturing

3D Printed Biomimetic Blood Brain Barrier Eliminates Need for Animal Testing

Astrobiologist lays out undersea scenario for intelligent life on alien water worlds

BayArea biotech startup Zymergen opens Seattle office signaling big growth plans in the city

Aspect Biosystems and Maastricht University Begin Joint 3D Bioprinting Research Collaboration

3D Printing Cell Cultures Using PulMA Hydrogels

Apple Watch ECG capabilities arrive for users across Europe and Hong Kong

Emerging from stealth Octant is bringing the tools of synthetic biology to large scale drug discovery

Fluicell is Preparing to be the Next Big Player in Swedens Bioprinting Field

Biomass Briquette Fuel Market Trends and Demand 2018 to 2022

3D Bioprinting 2019 2024: Technologies Markets Forecasts: Planet Market Reports

BioWares beloved Mass Effect trilogy is coming to PS5 Xbox Series X

Earwig Wings Inspire Researchers to 3D Print Multimaterial SelfFolding Origami Elements

Sharing Knowledge With CELLINKs Ambassador Program

GeekWire 200 February update: Virtual medical checkups the genetics of cannabis and smart plants

Regemat3D Launches its New Bioreactors for Maturing Tissues

Former Juno execs unveil Sana a new cell engineering biotech thats reportedly raising more than 800M

Scientists program semisynthetic bacteria to create an alien protein that glows green

Global Gene Synthesis Market Analysis to 2025 is a specialized and indepth study of the gene Synthesis industry with a focus on the global market trend

Twikits Twikbot Brings Mass Customization Using 3D Printing To Prosthetics and Orthotics

Grail raises 300M for cancer detection tools boosting total investment to 15B

Radiation Dose Management Market Growth by Top Key Players Sectra AB Bayer AG General Electric Company QAELUM NV Novarad Koninklijke Philips NV Siemens Healthcare GmbH PACSHealth LLC AgfaGevaert Group and Medsquare

3DHEALS 2018 Offers a Comprehensive Look at the World of Medical 3D Printing

With 90 million in funding the Ginkgo spinoff Motif joins the fight for the future of food

Bio Fuel Cell Market Global AnalysisManufacturersApplicationTechnology Market Overview Report 20182021

Checking in on the state of ISAs

AstraZeneca says it will likely do another study of COVID19 vaccine after accidental lower dose shows higher efficacy

Bioremediation Technology Market is segmented on the basis of Top Key Players and Revenue Till 2025

Bagasse Fibers as Bioink: Research Shows That Sugarcane Waste is Suitable for 3D Printing

Hey look: A fingerprint scanner under a smartphone screen

Fertility Tracking Apps Market Emerging Trends and Company Profiles to Watch Fertility Friend Glow Kindara Fertility and Ovulation in 20172027

Sana Biotechnology files to go public looks to cure disease by modifying genes in the body

Canadian biotech company Chinook Therapeutics raises 65M for rare kidney disease therapies

Biomedical startup AesculaTech is creating a new more patientfriendly drug delivery system

Michal Wszola: We Expect to Transplant the Bioprinted Bionic Pancreas in Three to Five Years

Interview with Priscilla Chan: Her superdonor origin story

Checking in of the state of ISAs

Startup fundraising and exits look bullish for bio and health

3D Printed Composite Materials Based On Mantis Shrimps SuperStrong Appendage

Humanized Mouse Model Market Emerging Trends and Company Profiles to Watch Axenis SAS Trans Genic Horizon Discovery HuMurine in 20182028

Biometrics security technology developer BioCatch raises 145M

Color is launching a highcapacity COVID19 testing lab and will opensource its design and protocols

IBM Research develops new macromolecule that could counter antibiotic resistance

UNICAEN: New Bioprinted Tumor Models Help Researchers in France Study Its Biology

Wellness tech is helpful but dont get too obsessed with the numbers biotech leader says

Seattle biotech startup Athira raises 85M to develop therapies for Alzheimers and Parkinsons

Biomaterials for Musculoskeletal Industry Report History Present and Future