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Everledgers Kemp and OmiseGOs Hasegawa join TC Blockchain

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Blockchain media startup Civil is issuing full refunds to all buyers of its cryptocurrency

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The iced tea company that changed its name to include blockchain retracts on bitcoin mining operation

Build your own token sale with CoinLaunchs CoinCreator

Guardian Circle upgrades with a decentralized alert network

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Proxeus wants to be the WordPress of blockchain

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Telegram plans multibillion dollar ICO for chat cryptocurrency

Overstocks CEO launches new trading platform and token tZero

Grainchain a blockchainbased platform for commodity sales launches in Mexico

SEC shuts down Munchee ICO

Everledgers Kemp and Omises Hasegawa join TC Blockchain

MasterCard has filed a patent on its own blockchainbased money transfer solution

Social investment platform eToro acquires smart contract startup Firmo

Minds the blockchainbased social network grabs a 6M Series A

Kik launches beta product after 100 million ICO

Sagewise pitches a service to verify claims and arbitrate disputes over blockchain transactions

Briq the next building block in techs reconstruction of the construction business raises 3 million

Pure Bit a South Korean exchange pulls a 28 million exit scam

Blockchain engineers are in demand

AWS opens up its managed blockchain as a service to everybody

Steemit cryptos answer to Reddit gets a new boss to rebuild after widespread layoffs

Polish bank begins using a blockchainbased document management system

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