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TikTok will reportedly sell to Oracle after Microsoft bid rejected

ByteDance launches its first gadget in a big education push

TikToks revenue said to skyrocket over 300 in Q4

China Roundup: Tencents NBA test TikTok parent deepens education push

TikToks epic rise and stumble

TikTok parent ByteDance leads 6M round in financial AI startup Lingxi

TikTok tops 2 billion downloads

SmartNews head of product on how the news discovery app wants to free readers from filter bubbles

Fastgrowing Chinese media startup ByteDance is raising 25B3B more

TikTok owner ByteDances longawaited chat app is here

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How to attract more than 10 million TikTok followers in 5 months

President Trump reportedly has approved the Oracle deal for TikToks US operations

Microsofts bid for TikTok rejected by ByteDance as deal deadline approaches

China Roundup: Huawei targets cars ByteDance enters Tencents backyard

TikTok to open a Transparency Center in Europe to take content and security questions

ByteDance TikTok have secretly built a Deepfakes maker

TikTok WeChat and the growing digital divide between the US and China

Pearpop raises from The Chainsmokers Alexis Ohanian Amy Schumer Kevin Hart Mark Cuban Marshmello and Snoop Dogg

Tech talent is flocking to smaller cities but investors arent

TikTok owner ByteDance reportedly plans to launch Spotify rival

Chinas ByteDance leapfrogs Uber to becomes worlds most valuable startup

China Roundup: WeChats new focus on monetization

Baidu beats estimates on strong video streaming growth

TikToks parent company ByteDance is reportedly looking for 2B before its Hong Kong public offering

Tencent promises its technology will do good

TikTok parent ByteDance sues Chinese news site that exposed fake news problem

China Roundup: A blow to USlisted Chinese firms and TikToks new global face

Fastgrowing Chinese media startup ByteDance enters 2018 with some uncertainty

TikTok is being investigated in the UK for how it handles childrens data and safety

TikTok owner reportedly planning its own smartphone

New bidders reportedly emerge for TikTok in the US as powerful critics assail the process

TikTok sues Trump administration over ban attempt

This YCbacked startup preps Chinese students for US data jobs

Short video service Musically is merging into sister app TikTok

Surging costs send shares of ecommerce challenger Pinduoduo down 17 percent

TikToks owner is getting into the messaging game

TikTok is giving China a video chat alternative to WeChat

TikTokparent is getting into mobile search

Singapore is poised to become Asias Silicon Valley

Is there room for a US equivalent to Chinas No 1 news app

TikTok spotted testing native video ads

ByteDance valuation under huge pressure as TikTok sale nears

ByteDance to pump 170 million into ebook reader Zhangyue

Daily Crunch: Trump bans transactions with ByteDance and Tencent

Indian PM Narendra Modis reelection spells more frustration for US tech giants

The company behind TikTok is making a smartphone

China Roundup: TikTok stumbles in the US and Huawei shipments continue to surge

ByteDance TikToks parent company plans to launch a free music streaming app

China Roundup: TikTok receives most government requests from India and US