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Everything you need to know about the Cambridge Analytica controversy

Mark Zuckerberg: We do not sell data to advertisers

Facebook stops accepting foreignfunded ads about Irelands abortion vote

Facebook claimed it was protecting privacy Leaked documents paint another picture

Cambridge Analytica suspends its CEO after secretly recorded comments

Data leak exposes 48M user profiles scraped from Facebook Zillow and other sites researcher says

uBiome is jumping into therapeutics with a healthy 83 million in Series C financing

AI researcher Monty Barlow teaches a computer to figure out American accents

I wrote the Facebook report Ted Cruz can8217t stop talking about He8217s getting it all wrong

As GE and Amazon move on Google expands presence in Boston and NYC

Surprise That Cambridge Analytica data still hasnt been deleted

Congress formally summons Mark Zuckerberg to testify on Cambridge Analytica

Facebook plans crackdown on ad targeting by email without consent

Where to watch Zuckerbergs Senate testimony live

Americans relationship status with Facebook: Its Complicated

UK watchdog wants disclosure rules for political ads on social media

The Cambridge Analytica Debacle is not a Facebook Data Breach Maybe It Should Be

Facebook says Cambridge Analytica got data on up to 87 million users

Europes parliament calls for full audit of Facebook in wake of breach scandal

Most Facebook users still in the dark about its creepy ad practices Pew finds

Now eight parliaments are demanding Zuckerberg answers for Facebook scandals

Facebook swears released internal emails are just one side of the story

Facebook faces fresh criticism over ad targeting of sensitive interests

Cervest raises 37M for Earth Science AI platform to predict climate effects

Mark Zuckerberg: Nobody8217s perfect

Facebook needs to stick up for its users Its past time for a public editor

UK watchdog eyeing PM Boris Johnsons Facebook ads data grab

Another personality quiz is coming back to haunt millions of Facebook users

Cambridge Analyticas Nix recalled by fake news probe

Audit Facebook and overhaul competition law say MEPs responding to breach scandals

Covert datascraping on watch as EU DPA lays down radical GDPR redline

Steve Wozniak promises to delete his Facebook account in protest

Democratic Senator launches inquiry into Facebook8217s datasharing policy

Watch Zuckerbergs Senate testimony live right here

AI security startup Darktraces CEO defeats buzzword bingo with trust and transparency

The UK and Canada summon Mark Zuckerberg for a hearing

WhatsApp cofounder leaves following Cambridge Analytica scandal

Fake news inquiry calls for social media levy to defend democracy

Cambridge Uni graphene spinout bags 16M to get its first product to market

Mozilla pulls ads off Facebook over data access concerns

Mark Zuckerberg to finally speak out on Cambridge Analytica controversy: report

Zuckerberg will testify before Congress on April 11

Facebook admits Cambridge Analytica hijacked data on up to 87M users

Facebook totally regrets threatening to sue the journalists who broke Cambridge Analytica story

How data scientists see the future after Facebooks Cambridge Analytica scandal

Dear Hollywood here are 5 female founders to showcase instead of Elizabeth Holmes

Facebook staff raised concerns about Cambridge Analytica in September 2015 per court filing

Higher Ground Labs is betting tech can help sway the 2020 elections for Democrats

Facebook is weaponizing security to erode privacy

Indonesia has no qualms about blocking Facebook amid privacy issues