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Rep DelBene of Washington takes another swing at federal privacy protections

FTC launches technology task force as feds home in on Big Tech and privacy

Steve and Connie Ballmer commit 59M to case management software to help vulnerable kids

New H1B visa rules take effect April 1 changing how tech companies hire international talent

Amazon Facebook and other big companies to attend a White House AI summit Thursday

Where Microsoft draws the line on selling facial recognition tech to government agencies

Apple CEO Tim Cook takes tech industry to task: If you want to take credit first learn to take responsibility

This Seattle startup is giving Election Day off to its 200 employees to vote and celebrate democracy

Trump and tech: Collisions cooperation and consequences in the first full year of his presidency

TLDR: Howard Schultz steps down as Starbucks chair the state of bike share new White House app uses Amazon Rekognition

Are you getting a fair trade for your data Demystifying online privacy with Marketplace Techs Molly Wood

Oregon senator proposes privacy regulations with prison and revenue penalties for data misuse

FAQ: Everything you need to know about Seattles proposed Amazon tax before Mondays vote

Feds announce new restrictions on H1B visas and plans to rescind startup visa workaround

Sprint and TMobile make merger case to House committee pledging to take on cable companies and accelerate 5G

Controversial Seattle head tax may head south: Silicon Valley cities weigh tax on tech giants

Facebook official: Social media giant confirms antitrust investigation beats earnings estimates with 169B in Q2 revenue

One of Amazons earliest investors has this advice for the winning HQ2 city

Washington governors tech guru Joseph Williams leaves to run Pacific Northwest National Laboratorys Seattle office

Seattle mayor taps City of Ottowas CIO as chief technology officer

Congresswoman lists 6 things Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he doesnt know but really should

Judge overturns Trump administrations delay of Obamaera startup visa siding with investor group

Bezos and other tech luminaries back 150M Rise of the Rest fund to boost startups between coasts

Complaints from bikeshare workers reflect new reality for labor force that powers sharing economy

A tale of two Amazons: Why Seattles bogeyman has the opposite reputation outside its hometown

Seattle company sues federal government for denying H1B visa renewal to IT manager

Melania Trump reportedly meeting with Google Amazon and other tech titans on cyberbullying

Howard Schultz calls out farleft activists for torpedoing Amazon HQ2 in NY

Tech industry cheers GOP tax overhaul

Trump administration starts cracking down on H1B visa approvals and work permits for spouses

Downtown Seattle Association CEO: Tech industry unfairly blamed for housing crisis

Execs from Amazon Microsoft and other tech giants urge Congress to protect Dreamers

At odds with city on head tax Paul Allens Vulcan is building a tinyhouse village to shelter homeless people

Amazon passes French digital tax on to sellers as Trump admin investigates toll on tech industry

Senate abandons plan to tax stock options at vesting after backlash from the tech industry

Seattle mayor explains strategy behind tech blitz after visiting Apple Expedia Amazon in one week

As net neutrality repeal becomes official here is where Washington states open internet fight stands

This app shows your friends voting history and makes it easy to nudge them to get to the polls

Melania Trump to learn about online safety programs for children in tour next week of Seattlearea tech company

University of Washington researchers want to help Uber and Lyft protect data and share it with cities

Microsofts Brad Smith calls for action after New Zealand attacks: Words alone are not enough

Microsoft wants Washington state to double down on infrastructure and privacy

University of Washington computer science school lands 3 million in state funding to double program

Microsoft CEO joins tech leaders at White House summit on emerging technologies

CEO of Seattlearea tech staffing firms arrested in alleged H1B visa fraud scheme

Race to the GDPR finish line: How US tech companies are preparing for Europes stringent new privacy law

Seattles biggest tech companies unveil 7 city projects built by controversial Innovation Council

TMobile and Sprint plead their case as FCC considers landmark merger

Huge awakening in data privacy drives big growth for Seattle startup Integris

Housing markets across the country show dire warning signs in West Coast tech hubs its worse