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Digital biomarkers are healthcares next frontier

Prezentai secures 20M to gamify deck presentations

What is Metrology Part 13: Object Recognition

PopSQL raises a 34M seed round for its collaborative SQL editor

Vistaowned backup and recovery company Datto files to go public

DHS moving biometric screening system to Amazon Web Services amid debate over government tech

Canadas newest unicorn: Clio raises 110M at a 16B valuation for legal tech

Flush with cash bamboobased toilet paper company Cloud Paper makes it rain

Auto software company Sonatus raises 35 million from Hyundai Motor Group SAIC Capital

Upbound grabs 9M Series A to automate multicloud management

Logistics startup Stord raises 90M in Kleiner Perkinsled round becomes a unicorn and acquires a company

The good better and best of cloud and SaaS growth

Dear Sophie: How can earlystage startups compete for talent

F5 Networks reports 563M in Q3 revenue with web server NGINX now under its umbrella

Upbound emerges from stealth raises 9M from GV to build a multicloud platform on Kubernetes

Fresh from controversy call center analytics firm Loris raises 12M

Amazon: Pentagon should have tossed Microsofts JEDI bid over noncompliant storage solution

Cloud monitoring company PagerDuty goes public shares close up 59 percent

Our love of the cloud is making a green energy future impossible

Reco raises 30M to prevent sensitive data leaks

Zoom launches 100M Zoom Apps investment fund

Cloudbased PBX 2018 Global Market Expected to Grow at CAGR 1554 and Forecast to 2021

4 Strategies to Become A Cloud Native

Cloud Data Warehouse Market 2021 Global Future Growth Leading Players and Forecast to 2027 Amazon Cloudera Google IBM SAP Microsoft Teradata Oracle Yellowbrick Data

ExMicrosoft leaders land 51M from GitHub cofounder exSnowflake CEO for new startup Aserto

Amazon accuses Trump of using Pentagon cloud contract for his own personal and political ends

Netdata a monitoring startup with 50 year old founder announces 17M Series A

Avante Technology Releasing Emendo Cloud Automated File Analysis and Repair Service for 3D Printing Files

Bluesky built cost guardrails to help cut Snowflake data spend

MontyCloud raises 285 million for its cloud management platform

SAP is buying Berlin business process automation startup Signavio

Kintent aims to automate away enterprise compliance tasks

AWS partners with sports leagues to change how we watch games

How Amazon Web Services MaiLan Tomsen Bukovec is preparing for a data explosion

SaaS future will be open sourced

Gridai rebrands as Lightning AI raises 40M to expand its AI dev tools

Bluesheets wants to better manage financial data and workflows via its business automation platform

Chronosphere raises 200M at a 1B valuation for cloudnative monitoring adds granular distributed tracing to its dashboard

Pure Storage acquires data service platform Portworx for 370M

Has the fight over privacy changed at all in 2019

Spotinst delivers spot cloud infrastructure services at discount prices

Amazon Web Services reportedly named its cloud database RedShift in order to tweak Oracle

Salesforce names President and COO Keith Block as coCEO alongside cofounder Marc Benioff

ClimaCell bets on IoT for better weather forecasts

Zoom and CrowdStrike hang onto 2020 gains despite huge earnings expectations

Judge blocks Microsoft from working on Pentagons 10B JEDI contract pending Amazons lawsuit

Navi Technologies Releases its Colending Platform Navi Lending Cloud NLC

Dell clears up its financial future will sell shares to public while maintaining stake in VMware

Cloud Backup Services for Business Market Growth Overview with Detailed Analysis 20212027 Acronis Amazon Drive Arcserve Box Carbonite Certainsafe Dropbox Egnyte and more

Amazon Web Services continues to lock customers into longterm cloud deals as deferred revenue and the length of contracts grew in Q2