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Valence raises 7M to secure the business application mesh

ClearBank a UK banking rails provider raises 230M from Apax to expand into Europe and the US

Pileus helps businesses cut their cloud spend

Microsoft 365 faces darkening GDPR compliance clouds after German report

Edge computing startup Edgify secures 65M Seed from Octopus Mangrove and semiconductor

VC firm Oxx says SaaS startups should avoid highrisk growth models

Cloud providers default retention policies are not enough: You better back your SaaS up

Chronosphere raises 200M at a 1B valuation for cloudnative monitoring adds granular distributed tracing to its dashboard

WhyLabs raises 10M Series A for its AI observability platform

Tech leaders can be the secret weapon for supercharging ESG goals

Akamai leads 38M round in Macrometa as the two strike partnership

Macrometa an edge computing service for app developers lands 7M seed round led by DNX

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Announcing the final agenda for TechCrunch Sessions: SaaS 2021

F5 acquires cloud security startup Threat Stack for 68 million

Indictment says accused Capital One hacker also used exploited cloud servers for cryptojacking

Microsoft outage knocks sites and services offline

Cloud Computing Stack Layers Market Global Industry Analysis Segments Top Key Players Drivers and Trends by Forecast to 2023

AWS partners with Kenyas Safaricom on cloud and consulting services

Chinas globalizing startups could be a boon to US cloud giants

Developers as you know do not like to pay for things

Grip Security raises 25M Series A for its SaaS security platform

Red Hat open sources StackRox the Kubernetes security platform it acquired last year

Microsoft and ATT team up in multiyear cloud and 5G partnership

Shadow announces premium plan for its cloud gaming service

Soloio integrates a cloud native API gateway and service mesh into its enterprise platform

NS1 brings opensource service NetBox to the cloud

How Microsoft Services Can Help You Scale Your Business

Pulumi raises 15M for its infrastructure as code platform

Google teams up with VMware to bring more enterprises to its cloud

Los Angelesbased Open Raven raises 15 million from KPCB for its security tech to secure hybrid clouds

Microsofts quantum computing platform is now in limited preview

HashiCorps IPO filing reveals a growing business but at a slower pace

Astrix Security emerges from stealth to help organizations spot rogue thirdparty apps

Render secures 20M Series A to scale its DevOps cloud platform

AWS just cant catch a break

Fin names former Twilio exec Evan Cummack as CEO raises 20M

Backblaze challenges AWS by making its cloud storage S3 compatible

Pricefx raises 65M Series C for its cloudbased pricing software

Constant compliance is security theater

3 views: Pay attention to these startup theses in 2022

Hybrid Cloud Computing Market Research Report 2022: By Product Application Manufacturer Sales and Segmentation

Gensyn applies a token to distributed computing for AI developers raises 65M

Amagi tunes into 100M for cloudbased video content creation monetization

The cloud cant solve all your problems

VCs bet on Aegis AI a startup using computer vision to detect guns

OctoML raises 85M for it for its machine learning acceleration platform

Contentful raises 335M for its headless CMS platform

Amazon launches CodeWhisperer a GitHub Copilotlike AI pair programming tool