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Vercel raises 102M Series C for its frontend development platform

DigitalOcean gets a new CEO and CFO

HashiCorps IPO filing reveals a growing business but at a slower pace

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Signadot promises developers faster feedback loops

VMware acquires network security firm Lastline said to lay off 40 staff

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Airbyte launches a hosted version of its integration platform

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Chainguard raises 50M to guard supply chains

Coatue backs Kubecosts goal to supply data to millions of Kubernetes developers

Elisity raises 26M Series A to scale its AI cybersecurity platform

SaaS future will be open sourced

Time Is Running Out For The Journey To The Cloud

ConductorOne raises 5M in seed round led by Accel to automate your access requests

CloudQuery gets 35M seed to build open source cloud infrastructure visibility tool

Incredibuild powers up with 35M to boost its distributed faster approach to games and software development

Platformasaservice startup Porter aims to become goto platform for deploying managing cloudbased apps

Mirantis acquires Lens an IDE for Kubernetes

AWS announces Panorama a device adds machine learning technology to any camera

Not Your Fathers Primary Storage

Amazon launches CodeWhisperer a GitHub Copilotlike AI pair programming tool

OctoML raises 15M to make optimizing ML models easier

Pixie Labs raises 915M Series A round for its Kubernetes observability platform

Echobot and Leadfeeder merge raise 190M in Euro sales tech consolidation play

Nvidia and VMware team up to make GPU virtualization easier

Temporal raises 1875M for its microservices orchestration platform

Want in on the next 100B in cybersecurity

NS1 brings opensource service NetBox to the cloud

Adaptive Shield lands 30M Series A to build out its SaaS security platform

Cloud services provider DigitalOcean is laying off staff sources say 3050 affected

Google teams up with VMware to bring more enterprises to its cloud

Box is now letting all staff work from home to reduce coronavirus risk

Bild takes in funding to share collaborate on hardware designs in the cloud

Runa Capital closes Fund III at 157M with an added focus on Quantum computing

OpsRamp raises 375M for its hybrid IT operations platform

Tech leaders can be the secret weapon for supercharging ESG goals

Microsoft launches deeper integrations between its data products

Antibot startup Kasada raises 7M in Series A from CIAs venture fund InQTel

Choosing a cloud infrastructure provider: A beginners guide

What does the new era of location intelligence hold for businesses

Securityascode startup Jit comes out of stealth with 385M in seed funding

Pileus helps businesses cut their cloud spend

DriveNets connects with 262M as demand booms for its cloudbased alternative to network routers

Google launches new tools to help businesses optimize their delivery operations

Public cloud security startup Laminar emerges from stealth with 37M

Google Cloud launches its first Armbased VMs

Stacklet raises 18M for its cloud governance platform

Were still just scratching the surface of the clouds potential

Microsoft launches Windows 365