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Brazilian proptech startup QuintoAndar lands 300M at a 4B valuation

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Tim Wagner leader of Amazon Web Services Lambda serverless team moving over to Coinbase

Fintech startup Plaid raises 250M at a 265B valuation

Coinbase goes fishing for Openseas catch

Coinbase acquihires San Francisco startup Blockspring

Fresh off a 265B valuation Plaid cofounder William Hockey is leaving

ACapital Partners founded by Ronny Conway targets 140 million for its third fund

Coinbase launches crypto debit card in the US

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Andreessen Horowitz triples down on blockchain startups with massive 22 billion Crypto Fund III

Stock trade app Robinhood raising at 5B up 4X in a year

Coinbase reported to consider late 2020 early 2021 public debut

Coinbase disables margin trading following guidance from Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Coinbase Card now works with Google Pay

Cryptos coming of age moment

Version One launches 70M Fund IV and 30M Opportunities Fund II

Mark Cuban and Coinbase back Eternal an NFT marketplace for trading Twitch streamer clips

Coinbase poaches Google Shopping VP as CPO for cryptocommerce

0x lets any app be the Craigslist of cryptocurrency

With new Partner Colin Hanna and Shikha Ahluwalia as Associate Balderton puts down roots in Berlin

DoorDash now valued at 126B shoots for the moon

Coinbase acquihires MemoAI technical team management tool

Equity Monday: Cryptos awful weekend Apple v Epic and funding rounds galore

Gatheround raises millions from Homebrew Bloomberg and Stripes COO to help remote workers connect

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong might not be having fun at work you guys

Coinbase and others invest 1275M in project to create digital security offerings

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Human Capital: Uber engineer explains why he spoke out against Prop 22

DeFi investor platform Zerion raises 82 million Series A

Following backlash Coinbase to give former Hacking Team employees the boot

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