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It looks like Coinbase is preparing to add a lot more cryptocurrencies

Hey look another downturn

Omni storage rentals fails shutters sells engineers to Coinbase

With at least 13 billion invested globally in 2018 VC funding for blockchain blows past 2017 totals

TechCrunch Podcasts this week: Layoffs the crypto downturn investor offense and Columbus Ohio

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Facebooks top crypto executive David Marcus is leaving the company

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Ohanians Initialized raises 225M 4th fund to turn founders into cyborgs

With new Partner Colin Hanna and Shikha Ahluwalia as Associate Balderton puts down roots in Berlin

Robinhood hires Josh Elman as VP of product wholl stay at Greylock

When it comes to growth marketing so much of CRO is psychological

Coinbase hires Fannie Mae exec Brian Brooks as chief legal officer

MobileCoin closes on 66 million in equity in Series B round

Do you need a SPAC therapist

Can direct listings really fix the IPO pricing problem

Nansen raises 12M from a16z to help investors make sense of crypto markets

Amid crypto market turmoil Andreessen Horowitz announces 45 billion web3 fund

Another brutal week for crypto and crypto companies

Coinbases lost momentum

After going public oncehot startups are riding a valuation roller coaster

New bank who dis Lifestylefocused neobank Cogni pivots to web3

Bored Apes NFT project gets official ApeCoin token

Money meet mouth

The rise of the new crypto mafias

Can Squarespace dodge the direct listing value trap

Robinhoods epic Q1 growth explains its fundraising boom

Coinbase lets you buy and sell USDC stablecoin

Longtime VC Todd Chaffee of IVP says latestage scene is now MA world

Fintech startup Plaid raises 250M at a 265B valuation

Atrium Justin Kans legal tech startup launches a fintech and blockchain division

Twitter Blue subscription users are first to gain access to a new NFT Profile Picture feature

Indias ZestMoney raises 20M to grow its digital lending service

Indian crypto exchange CoinDCX tops 21 billion valuation in new 135 million funding

How close are we to understanding whats going on

Coinbase reported to consider late 2020 early 2021 public debut

Gemini lays off 10 of workforce as the crypto revolution enters its contraction phase

ANGELS founding partner raises 25M for debut fund Moxxie Ventures

Tiger Global leads 34M investment into Unit21 a nocode fraud prevention platform

As Bitcoin sinks industry startups are forced to cut back

Coinbase lets you withdraw funds to your debit card

Equity podcast: Coinbase buys a startup Discords a unicorn and Netflix soars

ClearBank a UK banking rails provider raises 230M from Apax to expand into Europe and the US

DeFi investor platform Zerion raises 82 million Series A

A more honest stock market

TabTrader raises 58M for a mobile app that aggregates crypto exchange data

Coinbase tells you if top holders are buying or selling a crypto asset

Y Combinatorbacked fintech Pebble uses stablecoins to offer 5 yield on cash

Daffy aims to make using donoradvised funds as easy as a few phone taps

Stitch gets a 2M seed extension hires Benjamin Dada to lead Nigerian expansion