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Streetlogic launches computer visionbased ebike collision warning system raises 21M

MIT uses shadows to help autonomous vehicles see around corners

That night a forest flew

Should AI researchers kill people

3D content collaboration startup Taichi Graphics closes 50M Series A

AWS ramps up in AI with new consultancy services and Rekognition features

Amazon to test Dash Cart a smart grocery shopping cart that sees what you buy

Airport retailer OTG will use Amazons cashierless technology starting next week

Virginia Tech Team 3D Printing Rubber Latex

AWS announces Panorama a device adds machine learning technology to any camera

Amazon partners with AXS to install Amazon One palm readers at entertainment venues

CMU researchers use computer vision to see around corners

Watch a plane land itself truly autonomously for the first time

That night a forest flew: DroneSeed is planting trees from the air

Instrumental raises 20M to scale its AIpowered manufacturing tech

What is Metrology Part 12: 3D Reconstruction

Biotech AI startup Sight Diagnostics gets 278M to speed up blood tests

Glisten uses computer vision to break down product photos to their most important parts

Perceptron: AI bias can arise from annotation instructions

Taipeibased computer vision startup eYs3D gets 7M Series A

AllegroAI nabs 11M for deep learning as a service for businesses to build computer vision products

Visual One smartens up home security cameras with object and action recognition

Computer Vision Market Global Size Segments Growth and Trends by Forecast to 2023

Xesto is a footscanning app that simplifies shoe gifting

AIpowered construction management platform Buildots lands 60M

VisualOne smartens up home security cameras with object and action recognition

Invisible AI uses computer vision to help but hopefully not nag assembly line workers

Agtech startup Imago AI is using computer vision to boost crop yields

Facebook picks up retail computer vision outfit GrokStyle

mmhmm Phil Libins new startup acquires Memix to add enhanced filters to its video presentation toolkit

1800 Contacts buys the athome eye exam provider 6over6 Vision

Cadeera is doing AI visual search for home dcor

AIpowered parking platform Metropolis bags 167M

Trigo bags 10M for computervision based checkout tech to rival Amazons Just Walk Out

TrueCircle scoops 55M to use AI to drive recycling efficiency

Axon adds license plate recognition to police dash cams but heeds ethics boards concerns

What is Metrology Part 9: Machine Vision

What is Metrology Part 24: Conclusion

SLAITs realtime sign language translation promises more accessible online communication

What is Metrology Part 13: Object Recognition

Ikea acquires AI imaging startup Geomagical Labs to supercharge room visualisations

Think fast this system watches you answer questions to make sure youre human

GV leads 25M investment in Hover a computer vision startup that digitizes your home

iUNU aims to build cameras on rails for growers to keep track of their crop health

Facebook brings its 3D photos feature to users with singlecamera phones

Deep North raises 257M for AI that uses CCTV to build retail analytics

Amazons Show and Tell feature for Echo Show enables Alexa to use vision to help blind customers

Intel is doing the hard work necessary to make sure robots can operate your microwave

Advanced rider assistance systems: Tech spawned by the politics of micromobility

Agot AI gives restaurants computer vision to see where food orders go wrong